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Narendra Modi’s government stood against Israel and the US


Narendra Modi’s government stood against Israel and the US

Narendra Modi’s government stood against Israel and the US

During the last 5 years Narendra Modi and his ‘saffron gang’ has miserably failed in addressing number of important issues including unemployment, foreign investment etc, it has very successfully pushed forward the agenda of hatred.

The first phase of such “hate agenda” has already been accomplished. Once re-elected, Narendra Modi will, instead of resolving the national issues such as unemployment, economy etc. – will enthusiastically push forward the second phase of his notorious agendas. Such actions may turn a peaceful India into a chaotic nation. In that case, South Asian neighbors as well as Asian and international communities will feel the heat of Modi’s Hindutva Jihadism.


The Lok Sabha Elections in India

April and May months are very crucial for Indian politics and hence future. Loksabha election is the most crucial election in India. The Lok Sabha is the parliament of India and with this election the state’s prime minister is elected. India will decide her fate by choosing the existing or new prime minister of India.

People may question, if Indian National Congress (INC) is a solution to this potential threat?

In my personal opinion, with a past track record of Rahul Gandhi who too had cloned saffron madness-no one can really feel comfortable with this alternative as well; unless Priyanka Gandhi comes into the prominence and becomes the next prime minister of India. Political analysts are already seeing the charismatic leadership qualities of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in Ms Priyanka. In this case they don’t see the possibilities of committing political blunders of Indira Gandhi by her. If Indian National Congress genuinely is looking for a victory, they should immediately get out of their lethargic tendencies and a defeated mindset. Unfortunately, it seems to me, Congress already is defeated before the election takes place. That is why they are miserably failing in mobilizing Indian and International media against Narendra Modi.


Media, black-money, and money management in politics

It is true that Prime Minister Modi is backed by billionaire corporate houses and those black-money mafias. He is very smartly and effectively using the funds towards politics and media. There is a public perception saying due to lack of patronization from the billionaire corporate houses, Indian National Congress does not have the financial ability of spending lavishly either towards politics or media. They actually want everything ‘free of cost.’ But it is said “What you get free is always valueless-if not useless.” Politicians will do their politics for their own purposes, ambitions and opportunities. They even consider and expect media to support them free of cost. But they don’t realize those days are gone when media houses were madly supporting politicians without any interest. In today’s world, even in the United States, politicians have to pay for getting voice from amongst the media. India, being a prominent nation in the world, should not expect anything free of cost from the media anymore.

Politicians should remember though politics is a profession to most of the politicians, supporting politicians or political parties are not professions of the journalists-unless there is reason.


Pulwama season; a big success of BJP

Top political analyst stated the Pulwama attack a big success for the ruling elite BJP and Narendra Modi. During the downfall of BJP, the Pulwama attack gave them a new reason to patronize the Anti-Pakistani agenda which in-turns become a political game changer in India.

Balakot Airstrike and Pakistan PM Imran Khan

After more than 12 days, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi moved a step and gave Indian armed forces a so-called free hand over strike against Pakistan. During this strike at Balakot in Pakistan, no casualties were noted by International media but Indian media claimed 200,250, 300, 350 and sometimes 400 terrorist casualties in Pakistan’s Balakot. During the airstrike an India Airforce pilot is captured by Pakistani armed forces. Imran Khan played it’s card of harmony and returned the pilot back to India just within two days of the strike.


Failed diplomacy of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The whole Pulwama episode gave an upper hand to Pakistan. This brought Pakistan PM Imran Khan into limelight and he emerged as another statesman in the South Asian region. Indian foreign Minister Sushama Swaraj travelled to China for further negotiations during this tough time and during a press conference she said that India does not want further escalation and will continue to act with responsibility and restraint. During this period the war mongering media was busy in politicizing the Modi’s agenda of war against Pakistan. Everything went in vain for BJP and Modi when some analyst started smelling a rat in the whole Pulwama episode.

International support for India

During this whole period only Israel came forward to support India. Russia, Iran and other Indian allies whom Prime Minister Modi supported remained silent. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considers Modi to be a dear friend. Even then Modi’s government stood against Israel and the United States in UN Security Council while supporting Iran, Russia, Turkey, and Palestine on the matter of Hamas. In-fact Prime Minister Modi promised many future projects in Palestine supporting the Hamas in the region.


Russia never stood for India during Pulwama season. Why Modi said Russia is our greatest friend. By uttering ‘Russia is our greatest friend’ he lost the US, Britain and a lot of big powers.

This is a kind of hypocrisy where the double standard Modi at one side stands for a terrorist organization and another he wants to fight terrorism. Israel must know that Modi’s agenda of Hindutva Jihadism is no less than ISIS or Hamas. The saffronification is a real threat to the world too.

2019 Lok Sabha election is the battle of ideologies

Voting to elect Prime Minister has become a two sided game. One side is BJP and 38 allies who support Hindutva and communalism and other side where all 27 socialist parties including Indian National Congress stand against Modi led BJP. India seeks a new face and a new leader who can direct India towards new heights.

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