New useful molecule named after Keanu Reeves

March 9 – BLiTZ. German scientists in honor of the Canadian actor and director Keanu Reeves named the drug to fight the fungus, reports the New York Times.

Physician and professor of paleobiotechnology Pierre Stallfort noted that the actor plays many iconic roles in which he is extremely effective in “deactivating” his enemies. The same substances in the preparation are done with mushrooms.

Keanu Reeves named second favorite Marvel hero March 5, 2023 at 03:11

Keanu Peeves himself said that it was worth naming John Wick after his character.

Previously, Keanu Reeves named his second favorite Marvel hero.

As the Hollywood actor said, he would like to play the Wolverine, known to us in the performance of Hugh Jackman. At the same time, Reeves admitted that it was already too late to count on this role.

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