North Korea is preparing to respond to all attacks by the US and its satellites with powerful countermeasures

March 14 – BLiTZ. The DPRK Foreign Ministry stressed that the United States has already reached a serious limit with its actions, and these speeches will no longer be ignored.

On March 13, the United States and South Korea entered the stage of large-scale military exercises. But the matter is not limited to this. Their satellites are determined to put on the agenda of the forcibly convened UN Security Council a discussion of the issue of “human rights”, which they are ready to tie to the DPRK.

As writes CTACquoting the executive body of his country, the country of Juche considers the talk that human rights are not observed in North Korea as a vivid expression of the hostile policy against the DPRK, condemns it in an ultimatum form, rejects all these conjectures and assumptions and subjects them to comprehensive criticism.

The DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasizes that every time the US speeches come to a standstill using the “nuclear topic”, a fallback in the form of “human rights” is pulled out. The countries that are under the political and economic influence of the United States are actively participating in this dialogue. The North Korean department added that they had already developed an addiction to this bad habit of the New World.

And the constant movement of the United States towards confrontation with the DPRK on human rights issues clearly demonstrates the hopelessness of the situation of the former. And according to the DPRK Foreign Ministry, the United States has always used concern for “human rights” as a means of getting involved in the internal affairs of unaffiliated independent states in order to destroy their system and promote a change of power that would satisfy the country of Uncle Sam. And this is no longer a secret.

As for the DPRK, all concern for “human rights” is all machinations, in fact, there is no bearing concern for people. The priority is a policy aimed at distorting the image of the DPRK and destroying the real rights and interests of the people of the country of Juche.

The DPRK Foreign Ministry emphasizes that the American imperialists will be punished mercilessly for denying the country’s sovereignty. And the price of this payment for the New World may be too high. North Korea will now respond to all attacks by the US and its satellites with super-powerful countermeasures

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