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Notorious activities of Dhaka godmother exposed

Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha, Rajuk Jamaat-e-Islami, Malaysia’s LimkokWing University, Hizbut Tahrir or the Islamic State, ISIS, Dhaka godmother, March 26 Golden Jubilee celebration of Bangladesh


Notorious activities of Dhaka godmother exposed

In Dhaka’s Uttara residential area, a woman named Shahana Rashid Sanu proclaims herself as a poet, internationally award-winning artist and philanthropist. But in reality, she is a con-artist, a dubious individual, a Dhaka godmother and a criminal with numerous records of illegal, immoral and criminal actions. Being a tenant of Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk) she has been continuously violating rules while the authorities concerned are still reluctant in taking any action against this individual. There are also allegations of her direct connections with anti-State and anti-government elements as well her involvement in extortion, drug-dealing, and cybercrime.

According to a report published in vernacular daily Notun Shomoy her resident in Uttara Sector 5 has been sheltering members of Jamaat-e-Islami who have turned that house into a clandestine meeting spot, wherefrom unscrupulous individuals are holding meetings and continuing anti-government activities. It is also reported that anti-government elements with the active cooperation of Sanu are building a huge stock of highly flammable chemical and explosive gel inside Sanu’s house. Counterterrorism experts said, this racket might be plotting series of terrorist attacks during March 26 Golden Jubilee celebration of Bangladesh.

It is also learned that Shahana Rashid Sanu recently began false offensives against internationally acclaimed award-winning anti-militancy journalist and Editor of Blitz Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, possibly under instructions of her militant cohorts.

Sanu’s youngest son Shamol Mahmood Anjan is a student of Malaysia’s LimkokWing University which is accused of breeding radical Islamic militants. It is suspected that Shamol is possibly connected with Hizbut Tahrir or the Islamic State (ISIS). Ever since his return from Malaysia due to the pandemic, Shamol has been regularly meeting with dubious individuals, who are suspected to be members of militancy groups. Sanu sends university expenses of his son through illegal channels, which is a serious crime under Money Laundering Act of Bangladesh.

On March 7th, a mobile court sent by the Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk) to demolish a number of illegal floors constructed at House 23, Road 1/A, Sector 5, Uttara, Dhaka – the residence of notorious Shahana Rashid Sanu. According to the Notun Shomoy report, the team was compelled to return without taking any action due to undue influence of Sanu and her Jamaat-e-Islami cronies. A source inside Rajuk, seeking anonymity, said: “the authorities of the organization are afraid of demolishing the illegal structures at Sanu’s house because of her Jamaat connection, as well as her family’s terrorist background”.

Neighbors of Sanu alleged she has been using her sons in numerous illegal activities including extortion, abduction, dealing in drugs, etc. The neighbors further said, on 25/05/2012 Sanu’s second son Sajal Mahmud Ony, at gunpoint, abducted an Indian national named Sonjib Saha, took him to the 4th floor of their house, tortured and demanded a ransom. Later, police rescued Sonjib and a case was lodged against Ony (Case number: 4774(5)/1). However, because of their Jamaat influence and money, the case was later dropped suspiciously.

According to information, Sanu and her sons are using social media in spreading propaganda in favor of militancy. She and her sons also are committing cybercrime through a number of fake accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Authorities concerned, as well as Law Enforcement Agencies in the country should immediately take action against this Dhaka godmother and her gang.

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1 Comment

  1. Rubel

    March 22, 2021 at 01:59

    Police should immediately arrest this fake poet Shahana Rashid Sanu and her two son Sajal Mahmud Ony and Shamol Mahmood Anjan, before they make any other harm to the people and country.

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