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Notorious atrocities continuing in Myanmar


Notorious atrocities continuing in Myanmar

Anita Mathur from Bangkok

With the help of the Myanmar army, hundreds of Buddhists are attacking Christian, Muslim and Hindu households in the Rakhine state while cases of gang rape are taking place en masse. The authorities have cut off internet access with the notorious agenda of hiding their atrocities on the residents in Rakhine state.

Meanwhile, majority Buddhists under the leadership of several monks are chanting slogan stating “Non-Buddhists get out of Myanmar” and there are reports of gang of rowdy Buddhists attacking Christian, Muslim and Hindu preying women, and girls. Through hand mikes, some of these Buddhist monks are giving instigative directives saying, “Fuck each of those non-Buddhist girls and women”, while there has already been the death of at least over three hundred people during last 24 hours.


Seeking anonymity an eye-witness told this correspondent, the pattern of attacks by the Myanmar military and their Buddhist cohorts are no less notorious than Adolph Hitler’s Nazi monsters.

“It is like the repetition of another Holocaust in today’s world”, the source added.

Rape, including gang rape, is being used as a tool of terror against Rohingya women. UN special representative on sexual violence in conflict, Pramila Pateer, has described the situation as “a calculated tool of terror aimed at the extermination and removal of the Rohingya as a group.”


Survivors of the brutal state-sponsored persecution have testified to the abhorrent circumstances in which they have been sexually assaulted, raped and tortured. Primarily women, these people have also testified about the inhumane execution tactics employed against their sisters, mothers, and friends.

The UN investigation on the use of sexual violence in Myanmar concluded that 52 percent of women had reported being raped or subjected to other forms of sexual violence.


The majority of these women reported gang rape at the hands of Myanmar’s autonomous military, the Tamadaw.

Consequent to sexual brutality, women who survive the horrors of persecution often cross the Bangladeshi border pregnant from the attacks. As a result of cultural norms, women and girls face many barriers to accessing reproductive rights and are performing underground abortions, which further endangers their health and survival.

Many of these women are traumatized by their experiences and their unique needs are largely unmet in refugee camps in Bangladesh, as less than 20 percent of Rohingya refugees have access to post-rape treatment.


Aung San Suu Kyi is today’s Hitler

Journalists in Myanmar quoting credible sources said, prior to the fresh attacks on the non-Buddhists in the Rakhine state, top officials of Myanmar Army held a closed-door meeting with State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and explained the blueprint of the notorious attacks. Hearing the detailed plan, a smiling Suu Kyi gave nod to it saying, “Make sure those girls and women get proper treatment [get gang-raped]”.

Where is the international community?

Seeing such extreme cruelty on the non-Buddhists in Myanmar, even Buddhists in Bangkok are expressing anger stating, this is not the teaching of their religion. They are asking, why the international community is silent on this notoriety.


Meanwhile, a source in Beijing indicates that China will tactfully avoid the Rohingya issue during Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s official tour from July 1-5. Each of the top policymakers as well officials in the foreign ministry are instructed to refrain from uttering the word ‘Rohingya’ while interacting with the Bangladesh counterpart.

Shall President Donald Trump intervene in the Rohingya issue?

Sources in the Capitol Hill indicate no possibility of President Donald Trump’s intervention into the Rohingya issue at this stage, mostly because of Bangladesh’s failure in duly bringing up the matter to the US administration. Moreover, there is almost no interaction between the White House and the Bangladesh Prime Minister’s office.


The sources suggested Bangladesh Prime Minister’s foreign affairs adviser Dr. Gowhar Rizvi’s immediate initiative in convincing Washington in extending support towards Bangladesh in resolving the long-stranded Rohingya refugee issue.

“Dr. Rizvi [Gowhar Rizvi] enjoys good repute in Washington while he has lots of old friends there who can effectively help Bangladesh side in bringing up the matter to the attention of President Donald Trump”, the source added.

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