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Notorious Islamist threats ignored by the British authorities


Notorious Islamist threats ignored by the British authorities

Mustafa Qadri

In this 2019 video, a Jihadi threatens Tommy Robinson if he enters Walsall. A year later, nothing has been done.

Many members of the Islamic community have changed the city of Walsall into a Sharia No-Go Zone. The Jihadi threatens to kill Tommy Robinson, and continually refers to Allah, as he believes it his religious duty to kill a blasphemer who goes against Mohammed. Islamic jurisprudence outlines that anyone who criticises Allah and his messenger is put to death, this is what this Jihadi is trying to impose. The Koran states that Muslims must kill those who “create war against Allah and his messenger’’ and “create mischief in the land” (5:33). “Make sure there is no fitnah left and the religion is all for Allah” (8:39). These quotes from the Koran and many hadith outline the fact that it is Muslim’s duty to slaughter those who insult Mohammed.

This town is transforming into a place, where freedom of conscience and speech do not exist, and in the ideal caliphate there would be no critical discussion of Islam. Horrifically, this Jihadi also states that he will “find Tommy’s girl” “and he will go into his wife’s room” alongside “Allah subhana watallah”. This is clearly a religious task for him to carry out. The Koran also commanded that Muslims can take female women and girls captive and rape them (4:24) and this is what the Jihadi wants to do, he will gain reward and “sunnah” for doing so. Mohammed had a white sex slave called Miriam, a Coptic Christian.

From my research and inquiries, it appears this has been brushed under the carpet and hidden from many others to discuss. The authorities and police are not doing anything to monitor this potential jihadi terrorist. I have been trying to contact the Labour Councillor for this area of Walsall, Farhana Mazhar, and the obvious response is to ignore any criticism of Islam. The Chuckery Central Mosque has also been propagating hatred against Tommy Robinson, stating that they must stop him and impose blasphemy laws, because he apparently speaks “bakwaas” (filth) about Mohammed. All he has said are facts, which they don’t like. How long will it be until this radical, fundamentalist Jihadi decides to go onto a killing spree? It will be too late, the councillors, Islamic community and Police are not paying attention. There needs to be a radical change and strictness. They will most likely play out the “Islamophobia” card and claim “Islam is peaceful”, and “No to the far-right”. They are more concerned about “Islamophobia” than about Jihad attacks.

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