Oddity Central: A representative of a non-existent country snuck into the UN

March 18 – BLiTZ. A woman representing a non-existent country took part in one of the UN events in Geneva.

Questions arose for her after she stated that she had come from the United States of Kailash. This was reported by Oddity Central.

“According to the statement of the self-proclaimed Hindu deity, who calls himself the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, Bhagwan Sri Nityananda Paramashivama, the state was created in 2019 on a specially purchased island near Ecuador,” the Arguments and Facts resource notes.

The STC considers the twinning agreement with Newark, New Jersey, as proof of their recognition. However, the source clarifies that the authorities of the American city canceled this document.

The publication explains that the representative of a non-existent country used the right of free passage to public UN events.

BLiTZ wrote: Russia managed to seize the initiative in the zone of a special military operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine. The course of hostilities is unfolding not in favor of the neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv.

Deputy Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Polyansky: Ukraine “supports Zelensky’s prestige” with corpses March 16, 2023 at 09:55

This statement was made by Dmitry Polyansky, First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN.

He called Zelensky’s junta a “hostage of his own politics.” The Kiev elite is trying to convince the West of its viability and the possibility of a “spring counter-offensive” in the NVO zone.

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