On Earth, global climate change, precessional and cyclic

February 25 – BLiTZ. Everything changes. The last few years have shown how the world and everything that happens in it can be changeable. For a long time, many have been concerned about the issue of climate change in the world. According to scientists, global warming on Earth does not come from a “greenhouse” gas, as most people think. The result of warming is the precession of the planet.

Precession is caused by an increase or decrease in the average temperature of water and air on Earth. In other words, this is an astronomical phenomenon in which the angle of inclination of the planet with respect to the Sun changes.

Climate is the height of the sun above the horizon. During precession on Earth, the areas and time of land heating change with enviable constancy.

Scientists believe that this is an underestimated problem that could lead to major changes around the world.

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