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Over one hundred ISIS jihadists may return to Britain


Over one hundred ISIS jihadists may return to Britain

Faisal Malik

The UK has become a prime example of submission to dhimmi status. UK authorities have now allowed 150 Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis to return to the country, following the court ruling in Shamima Begum’s case. They have been responsible for beheadings, the enslavement and rape of Yazidi women and girls, the burning of captives alive, forced conversions, and jihad terror attacks. The UK has become so weak that it allows terrorists who are a major threat to national security to reenter the country.

This should send a shocking message to everyone. The establishment does not care about the safety and well-being of the British public. Meanwhile, the UK authorities have failed to deport Muslim rape gangs, to release the public report on those rape gangs, or to stop jihad terrorists. The establishment is more focused on arresting people for supposed hate speech and for not complying with coronavirus law, such as wearing face masks. It has become astonishing, the efforts that the elite will go to just to appease jihadis. They are literally allowing the most nefarious terrorists into the UK; however, freedom fighters like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have been banned simply for exposing the truth about jihad peacefully. The establishment don’t want them to enter because of political correctness. However, barbaric, bloodthirsty people who are trying to establish the caliphate and its totalitarian domination are suddenly allowed in.

Furthermore, the jihadis and Marxists want to embrace these terrorists since they have British passports, without even acknowledging the horrific executions and terror attacks that these jihadi maniacs have been responsible for. They will also proclaim that they were radicalised on the Internet, which is a complete lie; they became religious and attended mosques daily. For example, Shamima Begum went to East London Mosque, and her step-uncle reported that the women there informed her ‘that if she dies in Syria she will be a martyr’. We are continually lied to. The left and jihadis blame the Internet when what actually needs a proper investigation is the mosques these Jihadis went to. Also, their friends and relatives need questioning. We need to at least bring those in close proximity to jihadis who went to fight with ISIS to justice as well: the least the authorities can do is prosecute or deport them for their clear failure in not reporting the jihadis who joined ISIS.

We will also hear that Islam had nothing to do with their radicalisation and that they are not real Muslims. This is far from the truth. The reason they joined ISIS was because of the ideological aspects, which motivated them to become barbaric executioners and torturers. Thousands of innocent Yazidi women were enslaved and raped. The reason why was because ISIS was emulating Mohammed’s actions. The Koran repeatedly states that Muslims can take infidel women and girls as sex slaves, ‘what your right hand possesses’; this is emphasised numerous times in verses such as 4:24, 23:6, and 33:50. Moreover, young Yazidi girls were raped. There is also Koranic justification for this, because Muslim men can have sex with prepubescent girls, as we see in Surah 65:4. In addition, there are 100-plus verses of warfare against non-believers which ISIS has been emulating, including ‘When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks’’ (47:4); and ‘Fight against those who do not believe in Allah or the Last Day’ (9:29). Another verse clearly states, ‘Kill the Polytheists wherever you find them’ (9:5). Islamic apologists will state that ISIS is not Islamic, but most of them know that they are. This principle is called taqiya, and is conveyed in the Koran in Surah 3:28: the Muslims can deceive the Non-Muslims in order to advance Islam.

Some of the nefarious jihadis who will be allowed to return to the UK are Jihadi Jack, Shahan Choudhury, and Aseel Muthan, as well as the jihadi bride Shamima Begum. All of these barbarians were involved in the rape and torture of Yazidis, jihad recruitment, bomb-making and the throwing of the victims into mass piles of graves. The British public needs to understand that our corrupt politicians and judiciary have submitted to Islamization; if we do not protest or speak out now, the Islamic problem will proliferate as never before.

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