P Chidambaram said, non-BJP parties can field joint candidates on 400-450 seats in the Lok Sabha elections


Mumbai : Senior Congress leader and former Union Minister P Chidambaram said on Monday that efforts are on to bring non-BJP parties on a single platform ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. If it is successful, then non-BJP parties can field their candidates on 400 to 450 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. Along with this, he welcomed the statement of Trinamool Congress (TMC) chief Mamata Banerjee regarding supporting the Congress on the basis of strength in the states and said on Monday that she should start talks. Mamta Banerjee had said that for the 2024 general elections, where Congress is strong, it will be supported and in return, Congress will also have to support regional parties.

Understanding can be built through conversation

The senior Congress leader said he welcomed Chief Minister Banerjee’s statement and was confident that an understanding can be reached through dialogue. He said that I welcome Mamta Banerjee’s statement. He should take it forward in talks with the Congress. I am sure a consensus can be reached. Mamata Banerjee had earlier this month said that her party would instead support regional parties in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls, supporting the Congress wherever it is strong. Mamta Banerjee had said that wherever Congress is strong, let them fight. We will support them, there is nothing wrong in that, but they have to support other political parties also.

Strong non-BJP regional parties in states should be ahead in alliance

Congress leader P Chidambaram also indicated that he is not against Mamata Banerjee’s idea. He said that the strongest non-BJP party in the state should be the leading party in the alliance in the elections there. He said that my personal view is that the strongest non-BJP parties in a state should be the leading party in the alliance in the elections in that state. Congress is the strongest non-BJP party in many states. It is natural that strong regional parties in the states would expect mutual support.

Opposition parties meeting will be held in Patna on June 12

P Chidambaram also said that the work of unity among non-BJP parties is in progress. The Congress leader said that he believes that the opposition parties are coming closer to each other, but still some distance has to be covered. According to sources, there is a possibility of a meeting of opposition parties in Patna on June 12. Chidambaram said he was hopeful that the process would speed up in the next few months. Asked what could be the impact of the Congress’ massive victory over the BJP in the recently concluded Karnataka elections, Chidambaram said it was too early to predict the outcome for the 2024 polls, but he believed it would have a positive impact. .

The winning streak of the Congress in the states should continue.

Referring to assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Mizoram ahead of next year’s general elections, Chidambaram said the Congress should make all efforts to continue the winning streak started in Karnataka. He said that the victory of Congress in Karnataka will definitely have a positive impact. However, a year before the Lok Sabha elections, it is too early to say what will be the outcome of the 2024 general elections. I can see new energy and enthusiasm among the common Congress workers after the Karnataka victory. This is a good sign.

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The matter of ‘services’ in Delhi is serious.

On the controversy over the Centre’s ordinance to control the transfer and posting of bureaucrats in Delhi, Chidambaram termed the matter as serious and said it was an attempt to bypass the Supreme Court and the issue went to the very foundation of the federal government. He said that Article 239AA (on the powers of the State Legislature) of the Constitution has been interpreted by two Constitution Benches of the Supreme Court in 2018 and 2023. This is the rule of law. Many legal scholars see the ordinance as a way of ignoring or rejecting the judgement. This is a serious matter.

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