Pakistani ISI plotted civil coup in Bangladesh

Pakistani spy agency ISI has funded Hefazat-e-Islam as well as few more Islamist and militancy groups in Bangladesh with the nefarious plot of unseating Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government.

According to credible sources, while ISI was maintaining regular contacts with Hefazat-e-Islam leader Mamunul Haque through a handler in Dubai, several BNP leaders, including Mahmudur Rahman [Acting Editor of Amar Desh] was maintaining liaison between Junaid Babunagari and BNP’s convicted fugitive leader Tarique Rahman. At the directives of Tarique Rahman, several BNP leaders and activists, including Tarique’s friend and business partner Giasuddin Al Mamun started collecting fund from various individuals from January 2021, with the assurance of unseating Awami League government from power “by March”. Accordingly, several BNP men, including Aslam Chowdhury donated large amount of money. Being approached by BNP leaders, a convicted fugitive named Shahid Uddin Khan has also donated money to this mission, while he was assured, should BNP succeed in unseating Awami League with the help of Hefazat-e-Islam and other Islamist and militancy outfits, Shahid will be allowed to return to Bangladesh without any legal complications, while his cases and convictions would be scrapped. It may be mentioned here that, couple of years ago, Indian intelligence agencies had investigated connections between Shahid Uddin Khan and Dawood Ibrahim’s infamous D Company.

Pakistani ISI’s instruction to Mamunul Haque

Weeks before the Bangladesh visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Pakistani ISI had asked Hefazat-e-Islam leaders to establish coordination with other “like-minded” groups and parties, including Hizbut Tahrir and Jamaatul Mujahedin Bangladesh (JMB), with the goal of spreading countrywide protests against the Indian Prime Minister’s visit, while Tarique Rahman had instructed his confidantes in Bangladesh to ensure, the anti-Modi protests turn into anti-government movement. Tarique also had asked Giasuddin Al Mamun and few more individuals in Dhaka to ensure, his party’s armed cadres also take “full preparations” for “actions” during anti-Modi protest.

Pakistani ISI had sent an amount equivalent to over one million dollars with the help of a company named ARY, which has offices in Dubai. Hefazat leaders were asked not to worry about money, as ISI was ready to provide further amount, once the anti-Modi protests would turn violent and spread throughout the country. It may be mentioned here that ARY had funded the 10-trucks arms haul which took place in 2006.

No action yet against ISI-sponsored Cyber Jihad wing in Bangladesh

Investigative team of BLiTZ has already exposed notorious activities of the Cyber Jihad wing of Hefazat-e-Islam. But, until now, law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the country are reluctant is taking any action against such entities.

Our reporters have also identified several pro-militancy YouTube channels such as: Osman Khan (this channel was launched on December 12, 2013 and states “This is official YouTube channel [of] Osman Khan. This channel [if for] entertainment purpose), AR Cox’s Media, AF Production, RS Voice TV, N Islami 24 [Neo Islami Tv, possibly run by Neo JMB members], Neel Bangla, ShahadatShowrov Official, ASTV News, N Islamic24 [this channel also possibly is owned by Neo JMB], BD Bangla News 24, AUTV News 24, Alif TV Official etcetera.

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