Palestinian youth gives provocative speech in Bangladesh

Anti-Israel lecture of a Palestinian youth in a rally in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka has become viral on the social media.

According to information, an unnamed Palestinian youth attended a rally and mass protest organized by Islamist political group named ‘Islami Andolan Bangladesh’ (Islamist Movement Bangladesh). Few thousand supporters of the party attended the rally. Suddenly a Palestinian youth appeared in the rally and delivered his speech in English and Arabic. He said: “I have come here from Palestine. I want to inform people of Bangladesh about cruelty of Israeli police on the Muslim devotees in Al Aqsa mosque. Israel has been bombing on Gaza killing scores of innocent people”.

The youth called upon the Muslims to wage jihad against Palestine and Jews.

Secretary General of Islamist Movement Bangladesh, Hafez Moulana Yunus Ahmed said, “Israel has attacked Muslims when they were offering prayers in Al Aqsa mosque. International community is silent on this barbarism. United Nations is not also uttering a word”.

Joint Secretary General of the party, Gazi Ataur Rahman said, “We have started movement against that country [Israel]. For this we have chosen 14th May Eid day. Because on this day, 73 years ago, Israel was established. As Palestinians observe 14th May as black day, we shall also follow them and observe the day accordingly. Onwards Islamist Movement Bangladesh will observe 14th May as black day”.

An alarming sign of the rise of Islamist forces

When Bangladesh government is continuing all out offensives on Hefazat-e-Islam, Ansar Al Islam, Jamaatul Mujahedin Bangladesh and other militancy groups, Islamist Movement Bangladesh’s sudden rally evidently proves – Islamists are trying to resurface on the streets with violent activities under a new pretense. Moreover, it is unknown as to how a Palestinian youth had appeared in a political gathering and delivered speech.

A source told Blitz, Palestinian embassy in Bangladesh, with the active collaboration of Iranian embassy are patronizing anti-Israel activities in the country for many years.

It said, appearance of the Palestinian youth in the rally was pre-planned by the Palestinian and Iranian embassy people in Bangladesh.

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