Panchayat elections: In Katwa, three women from the same family are candidates of CPM, Trinamool and BJP


Burdwan / Panagarh, Mukesh Tiwari There is a lot of enthusiasm among the people regarding the three-tier panchayat elections to be held in West Bengal. Voting is on July 8. But the election campaign is going on by the candidates of all political parties regarding this. Meanwhile, Alampur Gram Panchayat of Katwa block of East Burdwan district has a total of 16 seats. And there are three Panchayat Samiti seats. This time, in the Panchayat elections in Gusumba village, two daughters-in-law and one aunt-mother-in-law of the same family, that is, three women of the same family, are in the fray on the tickets of three political parties.

War continues against each other in the electoral field

As much as they mix with each other at home, but in the election field, all three are raising their voice for the election campaign on behalf of their respective parties and for each other’s party. All the three housewives of the family are campaigning fiercely in the panchayat elections. Due to this, political heat has arisen in the Das family of Gusumba village of Katwa. There has been a candidate from Trinamool and the other from CPM for the same Gram Panchayat seat. And Chachiya Saas is BJP candidate from Panchayat Samiti. The local people are excited about the election battle of the three brides of the Das family. Housewife Swapna Das is the Trinamool Congress candidate from Gusumba village number 2 seat. Reena Das is the CPM candidate on this seat. Mother-in-law Archana Das is contesting from BJP on seat number 216 of Katwa Panchayat Samiti.

All three families face to face in panchayat elections

According to local sources, the Das family of Gusumba village are mainly farmers. BJP candidate Archanadevi’s husband Nityagopal Das has five brothers. These include Archanadevi’s cousin Mithun Das’s wife and Trinamool candidate Swapnadevi. CPM candidate Reena Devi is the wife of Sushant Das, son of Archanadevi’s second nephew. Neighbors say that once the whole family was a CPM supporter. Then Mithun Das joined Trinamool in 2017. Mithun’s uncle Nityagopal Das joined the BJP in 2019. However, Reena Devi still remains in the CPM. At the same time, these three families are face to face in the Panchayat elections this time.

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Candidates say: Election has no effect on family relationship

CPM candidate Reena Das said, ‘We have become candidates of two parties on the same seat. Aunty Maa is standing for BJP in Panchayat Samiti. We all are campaigning as per the instructions of our party. But we have good relations with everyone in our family. Trinamool candidate Swapna Das said, we have enough love for the family members. But we are each other’s rivals in the fight for votes. I am propagating Mamta Banerjee’s development in front of the people. People will decide who wins. In the words of BJP candidate Archana Das, my husband came to BJP inspired by the development of Modi ji. Then the party made me its candidate. If I win, I want to work for the development of the area. But this fight for votes will not affect our family relationship. There is good co-ordination and courtesy among the daughters-in-law. It is noteworthy that the Das family of Gusumba village was once the vote bank of the Left. And this family had a lot of dominance in this village. The ‘vote bank’ of that family is now going to be divided into three parts. Now further it has to be seen that to whom the public Janardan makes him win by giving his vote.

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