Parcel was booked from Mumbai to Patna in the name of clothes, silver bowl worth 15 lakh recovered in raid


On Sunday, the CIB and Patna Junction team raided the parcel Bagi of Suvidha Express running between Mumbai-Patna and recovered a silver bowl worth Rs 15 lakh from the parcel. This parcel was booked in the name of wedding card and clothes, but when it was opened, 296 pieces of about 20 kilos of silver were found in it. Whereas in one cartoon, 9 bundles of wedding cards, spectacles, 16 small bundles of cloth etc. were packed.

The parcel was booked in the name of wedding card and clothes

After getting the information, State GST Assistant Commissioner Krishna Mohan Singh and his team reached Patna Junction. His team also investigated from their own level. Patna Junction RPF Post Incharge Sushil Kumar told that a case has been registered here. The parcel was booked in the name of wedding card and clothes, but a silver piece was found here. The SGST team is engaged in the investigation.

No one has any paper of silver knife

According to the information received, the team searched the parcel Bagi and recovered 296 pieces of silver worth about 15 lakhs. There were 110 knives in one wooden box and 186 in the other. This parcel was booked from Mumbai on behalf of Shrioti Company. Its receiver in Patna was Kai Nitin. The CIB team had reached Patna Junction before the train arrived at platform number one. Someone had given him the input of this consignment. No one had any paper for the silver cutter. Later, the team of CIB and RPF called the officers of SGST for investigation.

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If the claimant does not come, the goods will be confiscated

According to the information received, a courier boy came during the raid itself, but when the documents were asked from him, he could not give them. Sources told that this whole matter could be of tax evasion. This is how those who send goods from parcel bagi slap the government. If no claimant comes with the papers of this silver piece worth 15 lakhs, it will be confiscated.

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