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Parents ID’d as problem in school LGBT promotions


Parents ID’d as problem in school LGBT promotions

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A Christian organization in the United Kingdom, where the LGBT agenda is advancing in public and private schools, is revealing what one school chief thinks about parents.

They’re the opposition. They’re the “problem.”

The Christian Legal Centre’s Roger Kisa noted that Parliament approved new draft regulations for the nation’s “Relationships and Sex Education” schooling requirements.

They will “promote LGBT lifestyles to children as young as five.”

“Perhaps never before in this nation’s history have the dividing lines run so deep in relation to education. There appears to be a complete disconnect between government, including those in charge of education, and everyday parents,” Kiska wrote.

“This was highlighted well by one primary school governor in Chiswick who, when queried by one of our clients about why parents were not consulted when the school decided to formally partner with an LGBT campaigning group, was bold enough to say that parents are part of the problem, and not the solution.

“At Christian Legal Centre we deal with schools across the nation who believe education has become social proselytism and not about learning,” Kiska said.

In Croydon, issues have arisen at three schools already. In one instance, young children were forced “to participate in a gay pride event.”

There have been “mandatory assemblies where the content was so sexualized that one parent came to us saying it resulted in her 7-year-old daughter being sexually touched by another child,” Kiska said.

Forced instruction from “King and King” and similar books are common occurrences.

“This battle between LGBT ideologues and parents has reached the national level with the highly publicized protests in schools in Birmingham where parents en masse have protested their children being required to take part in LGBT lessons,” Kiska said.

A petition against that has passed 115,000 names.

He cited the case of Izzy Montague, supported by the Christian Legal Center, who brought two actions against Heavers Farm Primary School. One asks officials to stop the “indoctrination on moral and political issues” and the other is a civil claim for exposing a 5-year-old to LGBT-based instruction.

During a meeting, one school official “belligerently” wore a shirt with the slogan, “Why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic when you could just be quiet?”

That student was placed in detention when his mother raised questions and then was punished a second time.

“The idea that the United Kingdom is seething with homophobic and bigoted people who need to be saved through education is false. And it’s wrong. We have excellent parents in this country. The government would do well to trust them more rather than take on their parental role,” Kiska said.

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