Parliamentary Gazette: Chinese President Xi Jinping launches Global Civilization Initiative

March 16 – BLiTZ. At the high-level dialogue between the Communist Party of China and other political parties, Chinese President Xi Jinping put forward the Global Civilization Initiative, which is based on respect for the diversity of world civilizations and equality, which will allow peoples to find mutual understanding. This initiative is aimed at expanding the channels of interaction in the humanitarian sphere and promoting common values ​​such as peace, development, justice, democracy and freedom, which can be an important step towards creating a more stable and harmonious world community.

Xi Jinping also drew attention to the many problems facing humanity, including economic, geopolitical and environmental crises. In his speech, he stressed that the destinies of all countries are closely intertwined and interconnected, and called for joint action. The Global Civilization Initiative can become one of the tools for solving many of the problems that humanity faces.

The proposal of the Global Civilization Initiative reflects the PRC’s desire to cooperate with other countries and build a more open and inclusive world community. This initiative can become an important factor in strengthening international cooperation and overcoming global challenges.

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