Patna: Bageshwar government stuck in road jam, devotees upset due to incomplete arrangement of organizers in Katha


Bageshwar Dham: Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Dhirendra Shastri’s Hanumant Katha has started. On Saturday, about one and a half lakh devotees reached to listen to the story. Baba came to the story place around five o’clock. He himself also told the reason for coming late. Said, it would take 20 minutes to reach the venue. But, it has taken one hour and 20 minutes. As soon as Baba reached the stage, he asked the people that how are you… is everything fine… The whole pandal echoed on hearing this. However, the complete preparation of the organizers for the program looked incomplete and there was chaos everywhere.

The screen did not work even on Baba’s request

Screens were installed at various places by the organizers to see Baba. Baba also asked to start it. However, not a single screen could be turned on on Saturday. In such a situation, the devotees sitting behind could not see anything. However, regarding this Baba told the devotees that it was the first day of the program. There was a system and tomorrow there will be a better system. Along with this, there was a power failure during the programme. Not only this, Baba had to face traffic jam on Ganga Marine Drive while going back to the hotel after the Katha.

Chaos seen at many places

It was said by the organizing committee that Baba did not have the power to handle the devotees in the police administration. However, the organizers themselves fell victim to the chaos at the story site. In such a situation, the devotees had to yearn for water in the scorching heat and crowd. The preparations for the program were going on for several days. It was said on behalf of the organizer that D area has been constructed in front of the stage where there will be seating arrangements for media or VVIPs. But, the media persons were heckled and after a lot of effort they were allowed to go to the program venue. Many people were seen wandering with VIP passes. Whereas, the family members of the organizer were sitting near the stage in front of Baba.

The case of fake pass also came to the fore

The members of the organizing committee told that many people are bringing fake passes. That pass has not been issued at all. Whereas, the pass holders told that they had taken the pass by paying money for Baba’s darshan. Due to this also there was a crowd among the organizers and the people.

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