Patna Junction will now look even more beautiful, new parking will be ready by August, know what will be special


The main entrance part of Patna Junction will now look more beautiful and attractive. The fixed parking location for two wheeler, four wheeler vehicles on both sides of Patna Junction will also change in a few months. In fact, the construction work of a new parking lot is going on just a short distance away from the parcel office at Patna Junction. Earlier there was a railway colony here, which had become quite dilapidated. It was demolished a few days ago and now the land of this entire area is being levelled.

There will be parking space for 300 vehicles and 1000 two wheelers.

Parking is a major problem at Patna Junction. According to the information, there is movement of 4 lakh passengers daily and in proportion to this space is also required for parking. At present, where two wheelers are parked in front of Gate No. 1 of Patna Junction and behind Mahavir Mandir, four wheelers are parked in a place slightly inside the entrance gate of Patna Junction. Therefore, while going to Patna Junction, the situation of jam remains all the time. Now, to deal with this problem, a big parking lot is being constructed. The entire parking area is spread over 5 thousand square meters.

New parking expected to start in August

At present, according to the speed with which the parking construction work is going on, the parking is expected to start in the month of August. Currently the parking lot is being leveled. Old bricks are being broken for flooring. JCB’s help is also being taken. According to an official of East Central Railway, there is some slack in the flooring work, but other works are being completed with the help of labourers.

Passengers will start getting new facility at Patna Junction from June, it will be easy to go from platform number 1 to 10

separate entry doors

According to the information, there will be separate doors for coming inside and going out of the parking lot. The parking will be made in such a way that the people reaching from GPO Golambar to Patna Junction do not face any kind of problem. If additional funds are released by the Railways, then this parking can be developed as a multilevel parking. Although Budco has built a multi-level parking at a short distance from Patna Junction, but it has never been used properly. In view of the increasing number of vehicles in the capital, the problem of parking at Patna Junction is becoming serious.

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