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Pervert Princess Haya’s new conspiracy theory

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Pervert Princess Haya’s new conspiracy theory

Mustafa Ali Noor

While some of the hired cronies of Princess Haya are spreading rumor stating Sheikh Rashid Bin al Maktoum has become “bankrupt”, the founder of the successful Godolphin horse racing stable has purchased horses worth millions of dollars last week from the Tattersalls horse auction in New Market, Suffolk.

Oxford-educated Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein who fled Dubai last year after being caught of having illicit romantic and sexual relations with her ex-bodyguard Russell Flowers. It was later learnt from credible sources that Haya was not only caught of having discreet relations with Flowers, she also had similar relations with a number of palace staffs. It is also learnt, since her girlhood time, Princess Haya was already addicted to sexual perversion, which include lesbianism and sex with multiple men. Her full brother Prince Ali is also accused of being drug and sex addict. There are legitimate allegations against Princess Haya and her full brother of having discreet physical relations.


As the British authorities had turned-down Princess Haya’s asylum petition, King Abdullah of Jordan was forced to appoint Haya as the Deputy Chief of Mission in Jordanian embassy in London. This decision was taken abruptly for saving Princess Haya from being deported and getting her the benefit of impunity under Vienna Convention.

Meanwhile, Princess Haya, has been making claims of being fearing threats on her life. She also has been claiming that if she and her children are deported to the United Arab Emirates, her daughter Sheikha Jalila might be forced into an arranged marriage with even an elderly person.


The 45-year-old princess – his sixth wife – has applied under UK law for a ‘forced marriage protection order’ for her daughter Sheikha Jalila.

Meanwhile, a source, which is very close to the Jordanian royal palace told this correspondent that weeks before fleeing Dubai, Princess Haya contacted her brother King Abdullah and expressed her willingness of fleeing Dubai and taking refuge in Jordan. But King Abdullah did not allow her in doing so sensing such actions would put Jordan under severe consequences. Being refused by King Abdullah, a shrewd Princess Haya approached her full brother Prince Ali, who suggested Haya to flee Dubai and take refuge in the United Kingdom. Accordingly, Princess Haya fled Dubai and landed in Britain.


On her arrival in the United Kingdom, Princess Haya sought help from few of the members of the British royal family and even expressed her willingness of taking refuge inside the any of Queen Elizabeth’s palace. But her plea was not accepted by the British royal family.

Jordanian embassy turns into a conspiracy house

By abusing her position as the Deputy Chief of Mission in the Jordanian embassy in London, Princess Haya has started using her diplomatic impunity as well as the Jordanian diplomats against Sheikh Rashid al Maktoum. She also is using few of her friends for influencing the media against Maktoum.

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  1. Shehnaaz

    October 25, 2019 at 08:41

    You have the Shaikhs name wrong. Correct your information

  2. Nadejda

    October 25, 2019 at 17:10

    My message is to Mustafa Ali Noor,
    This lady has more class than you will ever have. She is educated and you ain’t.
    How much were you paid for this article?
    Fear your God!!!

    • LWillo

      October 20, 2020 at 05:37

      Well said!

  3. Claudia Martínez

    October 28, 2019 at 00:12

    What a stupid husband did She have!!! By accepting all the garbage you published, you made him her puppet!!

  4. Noor

    October 28, 2019 at 09:21

    Who cares of this bitch ?!
    Please tell me ?!
    Let her live her most loved dog life …

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