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Plot of unrest in the RMG sector in Bangladesh


Plot of unrest in the RMG sector in Bangladesh

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

Keeping eyes on the upcoming general election in Bangladesh, a vested interest group is actively trying to create labor unrest in country’s readymade garment (RMG) sector with the ulterior agenda of tarnishing the image of the ruling party internationally.

According to sources, leader belonging to Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and another leader of a leftist party are holding secret meetings with a number of RMG trade unionists and individuals with the nefarious plot of getting several female members of the RMG factories inside the Export Processing Zone in Ashulia as well as factories owned by the members of the ruling party. They even are hiring some female workers for executing this plan. Son in law of a local public representative in Ashulia is playing key role while few more members of trade unions are collaborating.

As per plan, the female workers would get “raped” sometime during December 20-25 inside any or a number of factories, while one or two of the “rape victims” might get murdered. Conspirators believe, once their plan is executed, the ruling Awami League will be put into extreme jeopardy and would face stern criticism from home and abroad. This would ultimately lead to massive labor unrest in the RMG sector throughout the country.

Sources told this correspondent, vested interest groups are plotting multiple conspiracies of creating anarchy and lawlessness in Bangladesh with the ulterior motive of putting Awami League into serious trouble. It further added, political opponents of the ruling party, instead of focusing on election campaign are mainly engaged into such nefarious bids.

It should be mentioned here that, readymade garment sector plays key role in Bangladesh’s economy and foreign exchange earnings.

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