PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi will clash in America, US tour of both the top leaders in the month of June


The war of 2024 has started with the results of Karnataka elections. On one hand, where Congress has tasted a big victory after a long time, on the other hand, BJP has been shaken by its defeat in Karnataka. Such times now the top leaders of both the parties PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi Will be in America in the month of June. Significantly, in 2024, presidential elections are also to be held in America.

PM Modi’s US visit two weeks after Rahul’s visit

On American soil, both the leaders will be seen trying to interact with the Indian community and give edge to their political campaign. Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi will be in New York, USA on June 4, where a program of his dialogue with NRIs is being organized. The US unit of the Indian Overseas Congress, which oversees the Congress’s contact campaign abroad, is preparing for a similar community event on June 4, 2023, as has been organized for Prime Minister Modi.

Both PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi will address the Indian community

At the same time, just two weeks after Rahul Gandhi’s US tour, PM Modi will be on a state tour in America. PM Modi will participate in the program to be held on World Yoga Day in the US. At the same time, on June 22, President Biden will be a special guest in Washington DC as a state guest. Not only this, preparations are going on from the Government to Overseas Friends of BJP to make PM Modi’s visit to America special. In this, preparations are being made from Chicago to Atlanta to address the community program of PM Modi in America. During the visit of PM Modi, the whole package of organizing India Week and colorful programs in America is also being considered.

Lok Sabha in India and Presidential elections in America in 2024

Let us tell you that next year there is presidential election in the world’s oldest democracy America, then the world’s largest democracy India also has to have Lok Sabha elections. Both the faces, who are seen standing as the face of Congress and BJP in India, will try to show their influence among the influential Indian community. At the same time, American political parties will also see this as an opportunity to grow closer with the influential and wealthy Indian community. PM Modi has visited America more than half a dozen times since becoming PM in 2014. Not only this, Modi has addressed big community events from New York’s Madison Square Garden to San Jose and Houston during his visits to America. On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi has been going to America during this tour, but Congress has not organized big events like Madison Garden or Howdy Modi with him till now.

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