Political News: Dharam Singh Saini came into limelight after calling Deputy CM Keshav Maurya as Chief Minister


Saharanpur : Former BJP leader Dharam Singh Saini is in discussion with one of his statements. He had given a statement of shedding rivers of blood to make Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya the CM in a conference of Saini Samaj in Saharanpur on Friday. Along with this, he addressed Keshav Prasad Maurya as Chief Minister.

Current CM should do the politics of the center

Dharam Singh Saini had said that he does not want to remove the present CM and make you the Chief Minister. The country needs the current Chief Minister. He should do the politics of the Centre, the Center needs him. Dharam Singh Saini also said that if you say that from here to Lucknow, rivers of blood will be shed for you. Ready to give every drop of blood for you.

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said, you should have been our chief minister

He said that we also made a mistake, in reality you should have been our chief minister. If we talk about BJP, then it believes in God the most. Until and unless the stars of our society are fully elevated, they cannot go to the Chief Minister’s seat. Dharam Singh Saini said that stars cannot improve by clapping, those stars cannot improve by worshiping and performing Havan. If those stars can be rectified, then they can be changed by the struggle of the youth, elders, sisters and brothers sitting in front.

I would like to call you Chief Minister only!

Dharam Singh Saini also said that somewhere a mistake has been made by us, so others have also made mistakes. Addressing Keshav Prasad Maurya, he said that I would like to call you Chief Minister only. At present, we do not want to remove the Chief Minister and make you the CM. I am not against them.

Pledged to make maximum MLA

He said that the election of the Chief Minister is not the election of the Mayor, the entire metropolis voted and you became the Mayor. The Chief Minister is made from the MLA, when you have maximum MLAs, then you will become the Chief Minister. He said that 7-8 MLAs were formed in western Uttar Pradesh. This time only one is left. MLC Jaswant Saini is sitting, MLC is not counted in making CM, MLA is counted in making CM. That’s why you take a resolution that you will make maximum MLAs of your own.

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUsNxDhILXE) )Dharam Singh Saini said keshav maurya cm

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