Political scientist Ishchenko said that only Russia needs a strong and independent Ukraine

February 13, 2023, 10:28 am – BLiTZ – News Russia is the only state interested in the existence of a relatively independent Ukraine. The political scientist, historian, publicist Rostislav Ishchenko is sure of this, writes sm.news.

According to him, the countries are connected by economic ties and a buffer between the expanding NATO countries. In the first case, both the Russian Federation and Ukraine begin to earn more, and this accelerates development. In the case of NATO, Russia does not have to worry about an open border.

Therefore, it is the Russian Federation that is absolutely objectively interested in Ukraine’s existence, the expert believes. However, already now one can observe how many in the Russian Federation are saying that Ukraine is a different state and let it exist as it wants.

“The main thing is that they don’t interfere with us, they don’t attack us, we’ll build a fence and let them live as they want, we don’t need them at all. Decades pass, and other people in other states are no longer striving to unite somewhere, even if you are afraid of it. Therefore, everything will be fine with us, we will be friends, ”the political scientist sums up.

Earlier, US Presidential Administration spokesman John Kirby said that the spring is expected to intensify hostilities in Ukraine. According to him, now the Russian side is gaining strength in order to resume offensive operations. Read more on the topic in the BLiTZ article.

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