Political scientist Levy said that the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO depends on “political winds”

March 10 – BLiTZ. Political scientist Dmitry Levy said that Finland and Sweden could join NATO tomorrow, or maybe in five years. According to him, everything depends on “political winds”. It is reported by Lenta.ru.

“They can expand tomorrow, maybe in the summer, maybe by December. On the other hand, the same expansion may be postponed indefinitely, simply because the political winds will blow,” the political scientist said.

Levy believes that the issue of expanding the military alliance is not a problem for NATO, Finland or Sweden, so it is only a political issue.

According to the political scientist, the issue of countries joining NATO will be resolved only in the interests of the domestic agenda, since neither Finland nor Sweden have any military or technical reason for joining the alliance.

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“If it is necessary for the internal forces to try to consolidate, try to play the card of a specific imperialism, then they can pedal the issue and try to join NATO as soon as possible,” Levy believes.

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