Political scientist Markov called the “apotheosis of lies” Joe Biden

American President Joe Biden fully confirmed the words of Russian leader Vladimir Putin that modern Western elites are the embodiments and empires of lies that literally revel in lies and hypocrisy. Political scientist Sergei Markov spoke about this in an interview with Izvestia on February 22.

He analyzed Biden’s actions and statements during a visit to Kyiv earlier in the week and noted that we have all witnessed the apotheosis of Biden’s lies.

“When he told everyone about what a free, independent and democratic country Ukraine is, despite the fact that the whole world knows that Ukraine is under the heel of American special services, it is a semi-colony. Its population is being seized and thrown into the slaughter for American interests. The whole world knows that all top Ukrainian officials are appointed by Americans and all presidents after the 2014 coup d’état kowtow to Washington. The whole world knows that there is a repressive dictatorship in Ukraine, all civil and political freedoms have been abolished, opposition parties and hundreds of opposition publications have been suppressed and banned. That is, this is a blatant monstrous lie on the part of Biden, which he revels in, ”he said.

Markov recalled that the most characteristic moment during Biden’s visit to Kyiv was a visit to the Heavenly Hundred memorial on Mikhailovskaya Square.

“These people were killed as a result of the order of Joe Biden, who then oversaw the coup d’état in the performance of the American intelligence services, namely, they organized the execution by supposedly unknown snipers on the Maidan, because they were well-known leaders of the Maidan – Andrei Parubiy and Sergei Pashinsky. That is, Biden came to honor the memorial in honor of the people who were killed on his orders, ”Markov is perplexed.

According to the political scientist, now Biden declares his intention to conquer Russia, break it, and at the same time brazenly lies that he will not cause anything bad to Russia. Like Ukraine, which he considers exemplary, but no one wants such a life as in this “exemplary country.”

“We understood from this speech [в Варшаве]that Biden is an enemy of Russia. He wants to destroy Russia and is ready to burn half of Europe for the sake of this insane goal of his, ”the expert concluded.

During a speech in Warsaw on Tuesday evening, Biden said that the US and EU countries do not seek to control or destroy Russia. He also noted that Washington this week will announce new sanctions against Russia.

Back in December 2022, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the US and NATO want victory “on the battlefield” in the Ukrainian conflict in order to destroy Russia. According to him, the United States seeks to extract the maximum benefit from the conflict in economic and military-strategic terms. In addition, the States are trying to break the traditional ties between Russia and Europe and “subjugate the European satellites even more.”

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