Political scientist Mezhevich announced Biden’s readiness to sacrifice Ukraine in his own interests

February 21, 2023, 22:52 – BLiTZ – News

Professor of St. Petersburg State University, political scientist Nikolai Mezhevich, in an interview with TASS, expressed the opinion that the speech delivered in Warsaw by US President Joe Biden indicates his readiness to sacrifice Ukraine in the pre-election interests of the Democratic Party of the United States.

“In my opinion, Biden’s speech sounded preparations for the presidential campaign. Either he himself will be nominated for the next term, or he will promote his person, ”the news agency quoted Mezhevich as saying.

He added that for the Biden administration today, a way out of the conflict over Ukraine is impossible. At the same time, the expert recalled how the United States had previously sacrificed Vietnam, Iraq, Yugoslavia and the Middle East in the interests of election campaigns. In this regard, Mezhevich suggested that Ukraine would find itself in the same situation.

“The problem is that the US has not set any limits on its involvement in the conflict. It is no coincidence that there were no mentions of types of aircraft or other equipment, ”the publication quotes the expert.

He expressed bewilderment as to how Ukraine can be pumped with weapons and “not fight with Russia.”

Earlier it was reported that the armed conflict in Ukraine will continue for a long time. US President Joe Biden hinted at this during a speech in Warsaw on February 21, Tuesday.

According to him, the “fight for freedom” is not a matter of one day or even a year.

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