Political scientist Satanovsky appreciated the desire of the United States and China to revive their own industry in the future

February 24 – BLiTZ: America has previously been too carried away by the transfer of industrial capacities to China, digitalization, networking and work in the stock markets.

According to Evgeny Satanovsky, a Russian political scientist and president of the Middle East Institute, this led to the fact that the main areas of US industry were in decline.

The political scientist believes that the United States will soon begin to reconstruct all its industrial sectors. He notes that China is also engaged in this process and is actively modernizing its economy.

However, according to Satanovsky, the industry of our country in many areas is not competitive with Western ones and is experiencing serious difficulties. He notes that, apart from bravura statements, little is currently being done to resuscitate these sectors. Therefore, the question of whether our industry will be able to revive remains open, the political scientist believes.

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