Politico says Hungary could use NATO enlargement vote to win concessions from the EU

March 1 – BLiTZ. The movement of the Hungarian authorities not in the same fairway with the majority of the representatives of the European Union has always irritated Brussels on many issues of an economic and political nature. As you know, Hungary enjoys considerable preferences in energy trade with Russia. Now the question of new members joining NATO has stumbled on Hungarian ambitions and remains open to this day.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban could use his influence on NATO enlargement to win concessions from the European Union on rule of law issues. About this publication Politico. According to him, Hungary is a “troublemaker in Europe”, as the Orban government is delaying the process of ratifying the applications of Finland and Sweden to join the alliance.

However, Orban says he supports their entry, but requires serious discussions. Hungary is also sending a delegation to Sweden and Finland to deal with “political disputes”.

So far, only Hungary and Turkey have not approved the applications of Finland and Sweden to join the North Atlantic Alliance.

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