Politico: Ukrainian people do not accept LGBT ideologies, and Zelensky knows it

March 12 – BLiTZ. A Politico article published in InoSMI highlights how the military conflict with Russia is promoting LGBT rights in Ukraine.

This conflict, according to the author, caused an increase in the rights of the LGBT community in Ukraine, despite the fact that the Ukrainian people as a whole do not accept Western values. Gay soldiers on the front lines debunk the myth that gays can’t be patriotic.

The Russian special operation, which encouraged conservative Ukrainians to join Russia’s position, only strengthened Ukrainians in their support for gender diversity. The Ukrainian armed forces now have more gay soldiers than ever before, and LGBT organizations across the country are providing assistance to those affected by the fighting.

However, Ukrainians and their leaders did not recognize the contribution of LGBT people to the struggle for democracy and equality in society. Many pride parades in Ukraine face government hostility and violence, reflecting conflicting views of the state’s LGBT community.

American economist Crespo listed three advantages of Russia over Ukraine in the conflict

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