Politico: US alarmed by article on Pentagon’s refusal to share data on Ukraine with ICC

March 12 – BLiTZ. The Pentagon does not want to transfer information about “crimes” in Ukraine to the International Criminal Court. It is reported by Politico with reference to the New York Times.

It is noted that the US defense department is blocking materials about the alleged “crimes” of the Russian military. It is not excluded that the Americans are afraid to bear responsibility for the events in Nezalezhnaya.

SP: Klintsevich commented on the appearance of an American B-52H bomber near the borders of Russia March 12, 2023 at 17:45

“The White House administration is shocked. They fear the New York Times article will undermine the U.S. moral case for supporting Ukraine.

The Russian side has repeatedly stated that the international community closes the chapter on the actions of the Kyiv regime against the civilian population of Donbass, starting from 2014.

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