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February 15, 2023, 17:49 – BLiTZ – News A modern range of laundry detergents can confuse even an experienced hostess. Each manufacturer praises their products, but you can really find out all the pros and cons only from your own experience. So, disputes between housewives over the use of powder, gel and laundry capsules continue. The public news service found out which remedy was more effective.

Consider separately the features of the powder, gel and capsules and find out their advantages and disadvantages.


It is offered both in a small box and in bulk containers at a relatively low price. There is enough washing powder for many washes, and if necessary, its amount can be adjusted. The powder is able to cope with complex dirt and stains, fights dust mites and washes well at high temperatures (from 90 degrees). The stores offer a wide range of powders, while it is very convenient to distinguish between manual and automatic washing.

The main disadvantage of the powder is the presence of dangerous phosphate compounds. Depending on the quality of the powder and the washing regime, its particles may remain in the fibers of the clothes even after thorough rinsing and drying. Such a thing exudes a too strong smell of detergent, looks untidy, requires additional rinsing.

In addition, large bags take up too much space in the bathroom, and small paper boxes are impractical, as they can let moisture through, due to which the powder curls up into lumps. In addition, on the bathroom floor, where the powder is used, you can constantly see particles of an accidentally spilled product. Photo: freepik.com


Compared to powder, the gel is better in that there are no harmful emissions when using it, the floor does not get dirty, and allergy sufferers do not start to sneeze. Gels are sold in bottles that fit easily into bathroom cabinets and pencil cases. The gel is gentle on materials, does not destroy the structure of the pile, does not leave streaks on clothes, is well washed off when rinsing, and it does not contain harmful substances. This option is well suited for daily washing.

The disadvantage of the gel is that it can not withstand very high temperatures. Under its influence, the structure is destroyed, and the use of the agent becomes impossible.


The tool is a miniature bomb containing a gel under the film. During washing, the film dissolves, and the cleaning agent begins to perform its tasks. Such capsules are convenient in that they are dosed, when using them there is no need to measure the right amount of the product, respectively, nothing spills or spills past. The capsules are stored in a small container that fits easily into a cupboard.

The advantage of such capsules is the fact that they already include fabric softener, which means that the hostess will be able to save money on buying it. In addition, the gel contained in the capsules is gentle on bright fabrics, does not destroy the fiber structure, copes well with stubborn stains, is able to dissolve even at low temperatures, and is also easily washed out.

Among the minuses, it is worth noting that the aroma is too harsh, which can cause health problems for allergy sufferers. In addition, using capsules for a small amount of laundry turns out to be not very profitable, since it will not work to cut the capsule into pieces, and you will have to wash a couple of things with the amount of detergent that would be enough for a whole mountain of clothes. Photo: freepik.com

What’s better

Having found out all the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed laundry detergents, we can draw the following conclusions:

In order to cope with a stubborn stain on a garment, it is more advisable to use a powder. If there is a whole pile of such “spotty” things, then it is better to use the capsule. If someone in the household is allergic to detergents, it is recommended to use gel or capsules for washing. For daily simple washing of lightly soiled substances, gel is more suitable. If there is a goal to extend the life of the washing machine, then you should wash at low temperatures, and capsules are well suited for this. To wash clothes made of materials with a delicate texture, give preference to the gel. People on a tight budget should opt for the powder.

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