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President Trump visiting DPRK, sanctions would be lifted soon


President Trump visiting DPRK, sanctions would be lifted soon

Anita Mathur from Hong Kong

US President Donald Trump, who is now visiting South Korea will be holding a surprise meeting with DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] leader Marshal Kim Jong Un. According to a highly placed source, President Trump may cross the DMZ and accompany Marshal Kim Jong Un to any meeting place inside DPRK. This will be a surprise visit and gesture of friendship to DPRK leader Kim Jong Un and President Trump is seeing this as an opportunity of finally convincing Kim Jong Un in reaching into an agreement. The US President is willing to strike a deal with DPRK by this year, which will be considered as a great achievement for him during the 2020-presidential election.

Meanwhile, the White House is drafting an official invitation to Marshal Kim Jong Un to meet President Donald Trump, in what would be the third encounter between the two leaders following their landmark summit in Singapore last year and a second meeting in Hanoi in February.

Pyongyang requested the invitation after President Trump tweeted on Saturday that he would be willing to meet Marshal Kim Jong Un at the DMZ, the demilitarized zone that separates South and North Korea.

President Trump is scheduled to spend two days in South Korean.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump during a press conference at the G20 meeting said, “We may be meeting with Chairman Kim [Kim Jong Un].

“Kim Jong Un was very receptive. There has been no nuclear tests, no long-range ballistic tests”.

Asked if he would be willing to step from the DMZ into North Korea, President Trump said he would.

“I would feel very comfortable doing that. I would have no problem,” he said.

Choe Son Hui, North Korea’s first vice foreign minister, said the border meeting was an “interesting suggestion”, according to North Korean state-owned Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

“I am of the view that if the DPRK-US summit meeting takes place on the division line, as is intended by President Trump, it would serve as another meaningful occasion in further deepening the personal relations between the two leaders and advancing the bilateral relations,” Choe said.

Negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang over DPRK’s nuclear weapons program and international sanctions have been deadlocked since the breakdown of talks. President Trump is expected to visit the DMZ on Sunday following meetings with Moon Jae-in, South Korean president, and business leaders in Seoul.

South Korea’s presidential Blue House declined to comment on whether planning was underway for such a meeting.

Speaking on Saturday ahead of a bilateral meeting with Chinese president Xi Jinping, Donald Trump said that his 2016 election victory had staved off war with DPRK.

“If I didn’t become president, you’d be having a war right now with North Korea,” Trump said.

After President Donald Trump won the White House in 2016, then President Barack Obama warned him that North Korea [DPRK] was the most pressing threat to the US because of its nuclear weapons program.

President Trump and Marshal Kim Jong Un have exchanged letters in recent weeks, in a sign that relations might have been warming — the first summit between the leaders in Singapore followed a similar process.

Earlier this week, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said the US and DPRK had held “behind-the-scenes-talks” about the third summit between Trump and Kim. But US officials said there we no such plans during Trump’s visit to Asia this week.

While the US has continued to push for an agreement under which Marshal Kim Jong Un was supposed to give up his entire nuclear weapons arsenal and end his development program, the DPRK side wants to be rewarded with the removal of sanctions in return for smaller steps toward denuclearization.

Meanwhile, Kwon Jong Gun, a DPRK foreign ministry official told the international media that the negotiations between the US and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea must see a result by the end of this year.

Culprits are the Democrats

While Barack Obama and his Democratic Party cronies were enthusiastically pushing forward their agenda of strengthening relations with Iran and even were touting in favor of Palestinians and mega-terror outfit Hamas, they were senselessly pushing forward an extremely hostile agenda towards the DPRK.

But things started changing ever-since President Donald Trump won the election in 2016. He made a positive approach in resolving the tension in the Korean Peninsula as well he also had taken praiseworthy steps in checking Iran’s notorious agenda of emerging as a nuclear-terror nation.

What would be discussed during Trump-Kim meeting?

During the surprise meeting between President Donald Trump and Marshal Kim Jong Un, the two leaders are expected to reach into a historic decision on the issued which had gone dreadlocked following the Hanoi Summit. It is also expected that the United States may partially lift sanctions on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) by the end of August.

President Donald Trump’s invitation

According to sources, US President Donald Trump, during his forthcoming meeting with Marshal Kim Jong Un may extend the invitation to the DPRK leader for visiting Washington.

It is also learnt from the source in the Capitol Hill that President Trump already has established a personal rapport with the DPRK leader and Washington is seeing the prospect of reaching into an agreement with Pyongyang very soon.

The sanction should be lifted

Analysts say, since following the Singapore Summit between President Donald Trump and Marshal Kim Jong Un, the DPRK side has exhibited utmost sincerity in taking necessary steps for the sake of ensuring peace in the Korean Peninsula, it is important for President Donald Trump starts lifting the punitive sanctions on DPRK to reciprocate Pyongyang’s sincerity.

They said DPRK can never be cowed down through any pressure or hostility. Instead, President Trump needs to adopt a newer approach in winning the confidence of the DPRK leadership by lifting the sanctions.

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