President Vladimir Putin: Russia does not object to the participation of NATO countries in the discussion on START

February 26 – BLiTZ. On the TV channel “Russia 1” released the next edition of the show “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin.” In it, the head of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, spoke about the suspension of the country’s participation in the DNSV.

Recall that the President of Russia, during his address to the Federal Assembly, said that the Russian Federation was suspending participation in the START Treaty.

“In conditions when the NATO bloc, at the suggestion of the Americans, they kicked them out so that they would make these statements, we know about it. Well, they did. But at the same time they made a claim to somehow participate in this dialogue, it turns out like this, ”says the politician.

Putin added that the North Atlantic Alliance was not a party to this agreement. It included the Russian Federation and the United States. At the same time, the president does not object to NATO taking part in the discussions on this issue.

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