Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit may resign anytime

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The Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, apparently had a falling out with one of his mistresses, and she has now distributed extremely damaging evidence of criminal activities on his part. When any of this evidence will be published to the Internet is uncertain, but he may be forced to resign his office. It is not known if any of this material has been turned over to the US law enforcement agency that has been investigating him for money laundering, and violations of OFAC sanctions, for some time.

To confuse the chaotic political situation, totally false information about an alleged relationship between the leader of the Opposition party, Lennox Linton and CBI consultancies has been circulated, including to this blogger, but that information has been found to be without any basis in fact, and we have deleted any reference to this bogus claim from this blog. It appears that a massive disinformation campaign is underway, to attempt to move the focus away from Skerritt’s crimes.

Will PM Roosevelt Skerrit resign? We cannot say, but we will be closely monitoring the political situation in the Commonwealth of Dominica during the coming week.

Anthony Astaphan aka Tony although is officially known as the senior counsel of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, he practically is working as Skerrit’s adviser and abettor to most of the notorious crimes.

In 2011, Denny Shillingford confessed that he was paid in part to conduct the bombing on the home of Glenworth Emmanuel on Christmas morning. He said he is coming clean because the organizers did not stick to their end of the bargain.

He said, “I went in and I spread the gas all in the kitchen, all on the cylinder. I almost even burn myself …”

Shillingford said he was paid $400 “but after I realized who it was and whose home it was and I understand what was really happening I proposed US$40,000. He said he would give it to me… up till now”.

Astaphan said Shillingford’s confession feels like Dejavu. He said the entire confession was concocted by several individuals opposing the Roosevelt Skerrit-led administration.

“In the early 1990’s it was Edison James who said he had a tape recording of Gonzales making a confession that the former deceased Prime Minister Eugenia Charles had bugged the offices of the United Workers Party. Edison James said he had concrete information on the matter. Several years later it’s others…” he said.

Astaphan said the individual in question is notorious and his word should not be taken seriously.

“Dominicans need to know who Denny Shillingford is. He has over 50 criminal convictions. He has a long record stretching from Capuchin to Scotts Head of criminal convictions and jail time. He was recently sentenced to four years in prison. He has a notorious reputation as a criminal and someone involved in criminal activities,” he said.

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