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Princess Haya asks her lover to wait few more days for a life-long happiness

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Daughter of King Hussein of Jordan and the half-sister of King Abdullah, Haya bint Al Hussein [Princess Haya] has been making desperate bids in using the British and Western media in her favor in spreading lies and concocted stories targeting the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Writes Anita Mathur

In an exclusive interview to Emirates Women in 2016, Princess Haya confessed herself to be “far from perfect”. When the newspaper wanted to know the “secret” of her “happy 12-year marriage”, she laughed and replied, “He [Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum] is the secret, I am far from perfect, but he puts up with me”.

Her last post on the Facebook page was on February 7, 2019.

On January 12, 2019, Princess Haya had a post on the Facebook portraying the photograph of a book on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum stating she is proud of seeing Sheikh Maktoum’s life.

People may now ask, what has gone wrong just in less than six months which now made Princess Haya in portraying her husband Sheikh Maktoum as an “evil person” from being someone who had been her pride even in January 2019?

Actually, Princess Haya had already addressed this question in her interview to Emirates Women confessing, she is not perfect. What she had not said is – she actually is a pervert of the highest order.

We already know of her latest romantic relations with her British bodyguard, with whom she had spent illicit hours, mostly in London enjoying the forbidden colors of perversion. Princess Haya’s bodyguard was employed by UK Mission Enterprise Limited, a London-based security company owned by the Dubai government, which is based in London and has a turnover of £5million, according to the latest accounts filed at Companies’ House. Abdulla Shakeri is the Managing Director of this company.

Another source said, the Jordanian Princess, who also is the sixth junior wife of Prime Minister of UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was already enjoying extreme liberty during her student life in Britain and was having many ‘friends for benefit’.

During those days, in addition to her physical relations with those ‘friends for benefit’, Princess Haya had dated with at least four men. From a very tender age, she had become an alcoholic and was getting drunk during college and university parties. Princess Haya had a special attraction towards wild parties arranged by the boys and men, while another source said, she actually is a bisexual, who even did not hesitate in joining orgy parties.

Ever since her romancing with the bodyguard was exposed, Princess Haya made several bids in extracting money from the Dubai ruler through various tricks, which included a fake-gold scam in collaboration of her African cohorts.

According to information, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein has become desperate in marrying the bodyguard and “begin a new life” after she could extract at least couple of billions of dollars from Prime Minister of UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. King Abdullah of Jordan is aware of this secret romance and Haya’s Jordanian relatives had suggested her to flee UAE after robbing-off a substantial amount of money from Prime Minister Maktoum.

Princess Haya accompanied by her boyfriend is hiding out at her £85 million Green Palace mansion near Kensington Palace in west London. Princess Haya bought this property in Kensington for £85 million from Indian billionaire Lakshmi Mittal in 2017.

Haya asks her lover to wait a few more days

Although Princess Haya has stolen millions of dollars from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, it seems that her greed is endless. She reportedly asked her boyfriend to “wait a few more days” as she thinks, the amount she had already extracted from the Dubai ruler is not enough.

Haya’s boyfriend is not single

The most disturbing fact is, Princess Haya trapped her bodyguard towards her knowing full well that the person is married with children. She has no hesitation in ruining someone’s family just because, he can give her expected orgasms during sex.

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  1. I’m agreed with this post.
    One of my cousins has studied in Oxford at the same years with Princess Haya and he told many stories about her of loving drinking and sex orgies with many Western men that she wasn’t even choosy…

    He said she was a very nasty girl and when we heard that she got married to Dubai Sheikh we wondered.

    These facts maybe never could’ve been opened if she stayed loyal and decent in her gifted-marriage with the Ruler of Dubai … She has damaged his reputation so badly…

    • Hahahahahahahaha how much did they pay you to write this??? These criminals will fall down.. God almighty is great. The world will know their ugly truth sooner or later. And your article is i beleive written by someone of the royal family cz this is their way to convert reality into pure lies

    • This is absolutely her true skills
      I would write here the names of those students they are about 45 aged too, someone working with Lakshmi Mittal
      i will not wonder if the house in Green Gardens owned by Mittal previously she bought exactly from her student time friend’s which is actually knew her very close …..
      All is true just everyone silent before because of her husband…..Now nothing to hide …..

  2. I think these are pure lies. If that’s all true, you need to demand a public confrontation of Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, his wife Haya bint Hussein and Maktoum’s two daughters, Shammsa and Latifa

  3. Whoever is publishing this disgusting articles has probably IQ 0 and below!! How dare you writing this bullshit, I think you have a lot of issues in your life and I believe a lot of free time to have all this nonsense made! You better work your ass of and maybe help those in need rather than publishing this junk! Karma will catch you one day – what goes around comes back around!!

  4. Such a bullshit story. Her husband will go this far to mess up her reputation and if it was semi true she was young and in college. I hope she remains free of that old man. She deserves better. This story sucks and shame on you for printing it. I’m sure they paid you well.

    • Glad to read a true comment. I can only think so many of the replies here are from men who fear women. Long live the spirit and intelligence of the Jordanian Royal Family.

  5. You Blitz people are disgusting liars. You peddle lies to make money-you are NOT journalists, you’re slime. 🙁

  6. Pure BS are you serious you think people will believe this.
    So how much did they pay you to write this ????

  7. She’s the owner of her body. So she can do whatever she wants. Men can have few wife’s but a woman has 2 and then she’s a whore. As a male I don’t agree with that crazy thing!

  8. This story is a total rubish, the writer trys to lure us saying: we all know we all know ,NOOOO we DO NOT KNOW , where did you come up with such lies

  9. Ruler of Dubai is so desperate to ruin princess Haya’s reputation he’s such a psychopath, imprisoning his daughters and raping them he doesn’t even know the names of his children they’re numbered I hope he gets what he deserves

  10. I call BS!!! Princess Haya is a victim again and again!! SHE didn’t rob anybody she has her own $$$ hopefully she will help mo’s daughters to freedom. By the way this article reads like a third grader. Stay strong Princess Haya he can’t buy everyone, the whole world is now watching.

  11. You are the first paper to mention the wife of the bodyguard. Far from being the great ambassador for women’s causes, Haya is a predator who stopped at nothing to buy the affections of this woman’s husband. The wife is the victim in this, not Haya.

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