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Princess Haya is a real villain

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Princess Haya is a real villain

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

While a majority of the international media are giving one-sided support to Princess Haya Bint Hussein thus projecting her as a “real hero”, in reality, the daughter of King Hussain of Jordan is a real villain – a woman of highest disgrace.

From a very young age, Princess Haya has been extremely ambitious and, in her life, money plays the most important role. As she has been accustomed to rowdy lifestyle spending hugely towards luxury and comfort, she only had learnt the art of deception and making money. During her younghood, Princess Haya was known amongst her classmates as “man-eater” who would acquire any man she wanted to bed – either by trapping him into her romantic trap or by buying him with expensive gifts and even cash. She also was offering drugs to some of her targeted men with the goal of meeting her physical luster.

Ever since Princess Haya landed in Britain and sought asylum, she, with the help of her full-brother Prince Ali and few of her confidante in the United Kingdom has been spending lavishly on buying the media.

Princess Haya, who now pretends to be a victim of the Dubai ruler does not have a praiseworthy record of her past. In 2018, when Sheikha Latifa, one of the daughters of Sheikh Mohammed Maktoum was forcefully brought back to Dubai, it was Princes Haya, a United Nations goodwill ambassador, who had assumed responsibility for straightening out this scandal—but the results came across as a clumsy cover-up. Last December, Princess Haya invited her friend, Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland, to Dubai to meet with Sheikha Latifa, after months of international concern over her safety. Robinson later released pictures of her meeting with a dazed-looking princess but was quickly criticized for taking part in what was widely considered a public relations stunt. Princess Haya also faced backlash; several NGOs wrote to the United Nations to complain about what they described as a blatant conflict of interest. Her reputation as a philanthropist and human rights defender, spanning decades, took a hit.

In London, Princess Haya now has two of her best accomplices – Tiina Jauhiainen and David Haigh, both known for fraudulent activities and using the name of Sheikha Latifa for their personal gains. The Tiina-David duo was seen in a video talking of making “pots-pots of cash” by trading into Sheikha Latifa’s sordid case. Both of them have recently spoken to Ola Salem, a British Egyptian journalist who wrote in a column in The Foreign Policy about the case of Princess Haya.

In the article, Ola Salem wrote, “…..Tiina Jauhiainen, who appeared in a selfie taken by Sheikha Latifa during her fleeing attempt, told me: “She must have opened her eyes for wanting a better future for herself and her children. She wouldn’t want them to marry someone they wouldn’t want to marry or be locked up.”

“Princess Haya’s arrival in the U.K. highlights the cases of Sheikha Latifa and another daughter of Sheikh Mohammed, Sheikha Shamsa, who was kidnapped in London in 2000 and returned to Dubai. David Haigh, a London-based human rights lawyer representing Sheikha Latifa, has tried for more than a year to present her case before a British court, in hopes of compelling Dubai to allow her to return. He says any court case that Princess Haya now pursues to attempt to stay in Britain would ultimately help Sheikha Latifa.

“This is perfect for us now. Princess Haya will need to show [Sheikh Mohammed] is a dangerous man for her kids,” he said. “Obviously we are not happy for Haya, but it will give Latifa a good chance.” Any testimony that Princess Haya presents on her own behalf—including Sheikha Latifa’s 39-minute video and an additional 10 minutes of unseen footage her lawyer has been holding on to—could implicate the ruler of Dubai in British courts, not only on her own behalf but that of her stepdaughters, too”.

She wrote, “…..The UAE is currently the only country in the Gulf Cooperation Council that has no laws prohibiting domestic violence against women. In divorce cases, domestic violence is not even considered when ruling on custody, according to Hiba Zayadin, a Human Rights Watch investigator for the UAE. In cases of divorce, the father automatically retains legal guardianship, although a mother can continue to raise pre-teenaged children unless she remarries or is found to have violated sharia. Given her husband’s position and his public accusations of infidelity, Princess Haya would have no hope of keeping her children if she decided to pursue the divorce in Dubai.

“Princess Haya’s decision to flee to the U.K., rather than to her own home country of Jordan, may have been motivated by a search for a judicial system that consistently enforces the rule of law. If she went to Jordan, the government would have been under intense pressure to return her to Dubai.

Despite Sheikha Latifa’s failed attempt to flee, a number of wealthy women in the UAE, including two royals, have emailed Haigh with similar videos to the one the princess had recorded, documenting dire living conditions, pleading for help. The trend is in line with a growing number of women speaking out in the region, contesting religious and cultural policies that favor patriarchy.

“Of three women I have spoken to in the past few weeks who have fled the region and sought asylum abroad, all have expressed a lack of faith in the system of sharia that is meant to protect their rights—so much so that some said they have abandoned Islam altogether”.

Interestingly, while Princess Haya is telling the world about feeling insecure of returning to Dubai, she or her accomplices, including Tiina Jauhiainen and David Haigh are refraining from uttering a word about the death of Sheikha Latifa, who was murdered inside her isolated cell in the Dubai palace by the female maids.

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  1. vicki lynn montgomery

    September 1, 2019 at 17:57

    Are you serious I think that damn man has showed he is the the villain he has beaten his children imprisoned his children and have them tortured and you want to put this woman up and say that she is a villain I’m scared for her I came from an abusive situation and no one wanted to believe or listen to me either so report the real news

  2. Jacqueline S Homan

    December 5, 2019 at 02:58

    Seriously? Let me clue you in on a few things here, Sherlock. An insider who used to be a member of the Dubai ruler’s palace entourage who is now living abroad in hiding, spoke on condition of complete anonymity for fear of his life, telling the truth of what really went on. I and many others from around the world believe him.

    ‘Sheik Mo’, the Emir of Dubai, the psycho husband (i.e. autocratic psychopathic dictator) Princess Haya fled from, is said to have ordered the murder of his older brother’s (Sheikh Maktoum) widow, Sheikha Bouchra, in order to claw back his late brother’s money and property and take it for himself. He had Sheikha Bouchra beaten to death and secretly buried and then had his paid mercenaries try to erase all proof that Bouchra ever existed.

    After having Sheikha Bouchra murdered, he forced her brother-in-law, Darwish, to to return all the money and property he’d acquired during Sheikh Maktoum’s rule, claiming that this money belongs to the Al Maktoums and that Bouchra had stolen it from her late husband. He also froze Darwish’s bank accounts and confiscated all of his assets and then hauled Darwish to his fortress-like palace and had him murdered, too. After Darwish was severely beaten to death, ‘Sheikh Mo’ gave orders to bulldoze Darwish’s house while Darwish’s wife and children were still inside.

    In other words, he was willing to murder an innocent helpless woman and her children none of whom had anything to do with his trumped up, greed-driven grievance. Let THAT sink in for a minute.

    Mind you, this was BEFORE ‘Sheikh Mo’ had Sheikha Latifa’s older half-sister, Sheikha Shamsa, drugged, tortured, and beaten to death and buried in secret in an unmarked grave somehwere on the grounds of Zabeel Palace in January 2019. A month later, Latifa met the same fate.

    None of the bad things you say about Princess Haya in your hit-piece article, even if true – and I don’t believe any of it is, could even begin to compare to all of the unspeakble evil acts commited by the self-serving psychopath and murderer of a husband she is seeking asylum from. What kind of a man imprisons, drugs, tortures and murders his own daughters?

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