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Princess Haya seeks sanctuary in Queen Elizabeth’s palace


Princess Haya seeks sanctuary in Queen Elizabeth’s palace

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

The sixth wife of the ruler of Dubai, Princess Haya bint Hussein is now taking a massive step in somehow dragging the British royal family in her favor by shifting from the multi-million dollar ‘Palace Green’ house, overlooking Kensington Palace on a tree-lined private road known as Billionaires’ Row guarded by liveried gatekeepers to one of the palaces of the British queen. If Princess Haya succeeds in getting nods from the British royals, it will ultimately prove – Queen Elizabeth has set her support towards Haya ignoring the existing warm relations between the United Kingdom and UAE.

It is well-known that Queen Elizabeth has excellent relations both with Dubai-ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum and Princess Haya bint Hussein.

Her Majesty has, separately, enjoyed the company of both Sheikh Mohammed and Princess Haya in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Maktoum has made an application against his wife in the Family Court Division of the High Court to be heard on July 30. The case is set to be one of the most expensive and fiercely contested in history, with the couple employing Britain’s two best-known celebrity divorce lawyers to represent them.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum has hired Helen Ward, who handled Guy Ritchie’s split from Madonna, Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone’s from second wife Slavica and pop singer Cheryl Cole from footballer Ashley Cole. Princess Haya has hired Fiona Shackleton, whose clients have included Prince Charles in his divorce from Princess Diana and Prince Andrew in his split from the Duchess of York.

According to sources, Princess Haya bint Hussein is fearing being abducted by her husband’s men from the Palace Green. She even may abruptly try to move into Buckingham Palace through any excuse with the goal of taking refuge in one of Queen’s palaces. Some of her close aides and friends are already suggesting Princess Haya leave the Palace Green immediately.

According to British tabloid Mail, Princess Haya has had roots in Britain for years. Her father sent her to school first at Badminton and then at exclusive Bryanston in Dorset for her A-levels. She went on to Oxford where she read PPE at St Hilda’s College. After university she became an accomplished horsewoman, moving to Ireland where she was taught by the great Irish showjumper Paul Darragh. Invited to compete in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics she turned the offer down on the grounds that she was not ready.

Haya claims herself to be half-British

At the time the 5ft 2in Princess Haya said she had no time for romance because she was too busy training. She is half-sister to King Abdullah II of Jordan. Through his mother, born Antoinette Gardiner, he is half-British.

British newspaper Mail said, “Princess Haya’s close connections with Britain mean there is little likelihood of the authorities here forcing her to return to Dubai”.

It added, “Harrow and Sandhurst-educated King Hussein was always close to the Royals. In the late 1980s, he lent the Duke and Duchess of York his Surrey mansion while their £5 million marital home Sunninghill Park was being built”.

Haya extracted millions of dollars from the Dubai ruler

By emotionally blackmailing and even threatening of maligning the image of the UAE royal family, Princess Haya reportedly has extracted millions of dollars from her husband, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum.

Massive media campaign prior to July 30 hearing

At the advice of her friends and lawyer, Princess Haya bint Hussein reportedly is planning a multi-million-dollar media campaign prior to the July 30 hearing in the Family Court Division of the High Court. With this plan, the Princess has instructed her aides to immediately hire PR agencies for looking into the campaign issue.

Lots of security men outside the Palace Green

While there are rumors of Princess Haya’s sudden attempt of landing at the Buckingham Palace with the intention of seeking sanctuary in any of the Queen’s palaces, there is a presence of a car full of twitching security men right in front of the Palace Green.

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  1. Viola Pressley

    July 7, 2019 at 00:16

    My goodness. With regards to this Princess Haya story. That does not sound good. I always say what is right first when giving my opinion. What I did not witness with my own eyes, I don’t know it happened. What I did not hear with my own ears, I don’t know it was said. But if what the article speaks is true, that she was caught with another man at the home where she lived with her supposed to be husband, that is not right. If she was caught in the bedroom and/or proof was found she was having sex with another man there in the house, that is not right. One thing I firmly don’t believe in “Is playing love/sex games with men for wealth/fame, for financial and material gain. If it was not truly love, she should have never married him in the first place. If she arrived at a point she was not happy in the marriage, she should have told him. I’m not a person who thinks it’s right or okay to cheat on your partner, and especially not right to bring another person to the home where you live with your partner and have sex with them and think it’s okay. Nowadays that is a dangerous move to make. Listen to the news? But like they say, we are all different. Some don’t care about what they do when they will gain money from it. There are some who keep going from one rich person to the next and it keeps on going, just to gain money and they don’t care. That’s life. I’m not too familiar at all with the laws or culture of those who are Sheikhs or royals, but if I were the man who is married to this lady, and she was in fact cheating, she should not be able to get money from him. She should not even dare expect it. If she was cheating and the laws states it, he should keep the children as long as he wants them, loves them and will take good care of them and not mistreat them badly because of their mother’s actions, if she did in fact do wrong. Any person can make mistakes in life, but if a woman is running after different wealthy men for money, how is that any way to raise her children or have them caught up in that lifestyle. One thing I am totally in favor of is a stable family. Not running around all over the place and having kids with different people or subjecting your children to being exposed to different partners. That is not good for children and they often do grow to follow that type of behavior when they grow up with parents that can’t stay with one person or make up their minds who they want to be with.

    We have to keep mind men and women (both) and be gold-diggers. One should be wise enough to know that not all you meet will truly love you for who you are, but instead for what you have or what you can do for them. It does not matter what walk of life you come from, King, Prince, Ruler, First Class, Second Class, Middle-Class or any other in-between or below. People should also keep in mind the old saying “when you play with fire, don’t be surprised if you find you end up getting burned”.

    If this woman wronged this man, she should not put others in danger because of her actions, by asking them to hide her out. Of course one wants to help people because we are all “human” and make mistakes, but when you deceive, when you have just tried to take advantage of and use to gain money, it’s not worth others putting their lives on the line for that and causing a conflict between others who are at peace because of your actions.

    I would just divorce this woman and let her be if I were the husband. If it is a situation where money or wealth was all she wanted to gain from him then he should not have to give her any more money that what she already has. Where children are involved, the children should be taken care of and it should not be money that she can take and spend on herself.

    I’m just giving my opinion as a woman who is not wealthy nor famous, but have worked since a young age and started living on my own at 18 and being a single mother, never choosing to be in a relationship with a man for “money or security” and living pretty good, buying my own cars, paying my own bills and paying for private school for my child, etc.

    I don’t find being a “gold-digger” amusing nor attractive.

    • Bunny Olesen

      July 10, 2019 at 18:01

      Hey lady, you know that this woman was the Princess of Jordan before she married that man, right? He didn’t just pull her off the street, her father was the King of Jordan and her brother IS the king of Jordan. Secondly, only a complete moron would be unfaithful to their very powerful husband in a country where she could easily be ‘disappeared’ for that, and no one would ever know what happened. Do you even know that this man put his own daughter in prison and had her tortured because she tried to ‘escape’ and move to another country. They actually sent a team of men to kidnap her off a boat docked in India and take her back to UAE by force.

      You’re just mad because you wish you had her life, but you don’t know about her life. You could never marry a man like that because you’re not royalty, you’re not arab, you’re not wealthy and beautiful, and you’re not his first cousin – like his first wife. And he’s had many, and he has more than one right now.

    • Muhammad Farooq

      August 14, 2019 at 20:43

      I agree with your stance,she knew what she was getting into,and cheating it is no go with me.She should have asked for divorce up front.

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