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Princess Haya turns her London Palace into sex toy mini warehouse

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Princess Haya turns her London Palace into sex toy mini warehouse

Anita Mathur

Jordan’s pervert Princess Haya Bint al Hussein has reportedly turned her London Palace into a mini-warehouse of sex toys comprising various types of vibrators as well as clitoral stimulators made by different companies.

The sex toys at Princess Haya’s Palace include glass dildo with whip, women’s petting ring, Earl (manufactured by Lelo), Little Platinum Eternity, Yva, Inez, Victor Phantasm, The Royal Pearl (costs one million dollars), etc. According to eyewitnesses, the total cost of these sex toys would cross a few million dollars. Besides, she also has a variety of collections of erection pills, lotion and gel, which Princess Haya possibly gives to her lovers.


It is also learnt that Princess Haya on some occasions forces her men taking drugs in order to turn them sexually stronger and crazier. She is a great fan of men who can perform like beats in the bed.

According to psychologists and sexologists, when someone starts having sex with multiple men, her sexual desire keeps on increasing, unless she is a sex worker. In Princess Haya’s case, she evidently has three passions – wealth, luxury and sexual urge. She does not hesitate in spending any amount or compromising her social status and dignity for the sake of comforting her sexual urge through multiple orgasms.


They said Princess Haya has started getting sexual pleasure from a very young age by having relations with multiple boys and men. During her student life in the United Kingdom, the Jordanian Princess was maintaining relations with multiple men while she had many ‘friends for benefit’.

The psychologists and sexologists said, one of the main reasons for Sheikh Mohammed Rashid al Maktoum’s extreme attraction towards Princess Haya is because of her sexual craziness. Maktoum had found the best sexual mate in Haya who had no problem in giving him all forms of sexual pleasure.

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  1. Elena

    October 28, 2019 at 03:30

    Rubbish, ridiculous rubbish. Only an ill mind is able to produce such a stuff.

  2. Lwillo

    October 20, 2020 at 05:50

    If the author and editor of this rubbish can’t see how see-through their retarded articles are, it really says a lot about them, doesn’t it?

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