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Suraiyya Aziz

The key reason behind Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein’s recent fleeing to Germany and then to England and finally seeking a divorce from Prime Minister of UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is to extract hundreds of millions of dollars through a divorce and marry a Westerner with whom she has been secretly romancing for months. With this notorious agenda, Princess Haya has finally started her propaganda offensives on the Dubai ruler.

On July 5, 2019, British tabloid The Sun published a report with the defamatory title. It reads SHEIK MACDOOM Dubai’s £9billion ruler heads for ‘super divorce’ from runaway wife who’s hiding in ‘fear for her life’.

Look into the title, the Chief Feature Writer of the daily, Oliver Harvey has on purpose written Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s name as ‘Macdoom’, and even indicates Princess Haya may now want to extract few billions from his £9billion fortune. It even brands the ruler as ‘filthy rich’ and hints the divorce to be ‘costliest’.

Oliver wrote, “…But this royal couple’s dirty linen is being aired very publicly — sparked by the Sheikh’s love of sharing his own poetry on social media.

It was his verse — dripping with venom and charges of betrayal — on Instagram that appeared to confirm his wife’s flight from his Dubai court a year on from his daughter Princess Latifa’s apparent attempt at escape.

On a verified account attributed to him, he wrote: “You betrayed the most precious trust, and your game has been revealed.

“Your time of lying is over and it doesn’t matter what we were nor what you are.

“You no longer have a place with me. I don’t care if you live or die . . . Go to whom you get busy with.”

Sheikh Mohammed, 69, has previously written: “All my poems are a result of personal experience. I have never written any verse without it being a reality of my life.”

Terming the Dubai ruler as “mad”, Oliver Harvey wrote, “The marital rift was evident when horseracing-mad Mohammed — owner of the all-conquering Godolphin stable, whose horses have won more than 5,000 races worldwide — arrived without his wife at last month’s Royal Ascot”.

To legitimize her asylum plea, the British daily termed Prince Haya as “Half-British”.

Sitting inside the multi-million-dollar super-posh palace, Princess Haya though has declined interview to the reporters, it is learnt from a credible source that her interview will be aired by Qatari network Al Jazeera during the third week of July.

Her friends and aides in London are even claiming that she fled Dubai after discovering “disturbing facts” about her stepdaughter Princess Latifa.

What is the disturbing fact?

According to a source within the inner circle of Princess Haya, she has already revealed the “brutal murder” of her stepdaughter Princess Latifa in the interview with Al Jazeera.

A family source of Princess Haya said told the Sun, “She [Haya] finally learned the truth about what happened to her husband’s daughter and feared the same could happen to her.

“She went along with what was said after Latifa escaped last year but found out for herself what she had endured”.

According to investigations by reporters of Blitz, it was revealed that Princess Haya’s family in Jordan has been feeding confusing information to the media through their missions in Britain and other countries, while they also are contacted by the Qatari network Al Jazeera.

Princess Haya reportedly has also “disclosed” the “bone-chilling” fact about Sheikh Maktoum’s daughter Sheikha Shamsa, who tried to flee in 2000 from their Longcross estate in Surrey.

Friends of Princess Haya alleged she [Sheikha Shamsa] was then kidnapped from a street in Cambridge by members of Sheikh Mohammed’s staff and returned to Dubai against her will.

In a video sent to human rights organization Detained in Dubai, Latifa claimed, her stepsister Shamsa was being kept in a drugged “zombie” state in the Zabeel Palace in Dubai — before saying that she, too, had made another earlier attempted to “escape” her father.

A deep-rooted conspiracy against the UAE royal family

The way Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein has launched her propaganda against the UAE royal family, it is understood that the entire plot is aimed portraying those Middle Eastern monarchs as “extremely cruel” and “pervert and barbarian”. Such propaganda, involving an unknown amount of money will ultimately cause massive damage to the images of the Middle Eastern royals and unfortunately, there is no initiative yet from the royal families in countering such massive propaganda.

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  1. The Dubai Monarchy has put too much of its money and investments in the UK. As the UK is a pro female gynarchy, which will always favour the woman, it is a recipe for disaster. The Dubai Monarch will lost a lot of money in the UK courts.

  2. What a load of rubbish. Do not spread lies and rumours about someone without proof. That is against the religion of Islam. Her husband has been found guilty of abduction, torture and abuse by a male high court judge and panel after hearing all the evidence. THAT is what you should be reporting! And issue an arrest warrant for him immediately. Hypocrites!

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