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Pro-Hefazat prison staffs violate rule

Hefazat-e-Islam, Dhaka Central Jail, Tarique Rahman


Pro-Hefazat prison staffs violate rule

Serious allegations against Bangladesh prison staffs of illegally collaborating with arrested leaders and activists of pro-Caliphate Hefazat-e-Islam have drawn attention of country’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies. According to media reports, several Islamist prison staffs are helping Hefazat men in maintaining contacts with some suspected activists of the organization as well as militancy outfits.

According to credible sources, Mahbubur Rahman, jailor of Dhaka Central Jail, who has been holding the post for years is mainly responsible for uncontrolled availability of mobile phone inside Dhaka Central Jail in Keraniganj, while authorities of Kashimpur Central Jail (Part 1, 2, 3 and 4) are equally responsible for ignoring availability of illegal mobile phones within prisoners, particularly leaders of anti-government parties and militancy groups.

The source further said, prison inmates are not only communicating with their contacts outside prisons through regular mobile phone numbers, they also are using internet as well as various communication apps, including Imo, Telegram, WhatsApp and Viber. Several Hefazat-e-Islam members were even maintaining contacts with militancy outfit leaders as well as terrorists inside prison with the dangerous plot of implementing Hefazat’s hitlist targeting Awami League leaders as well as secularist and anti-Hefazat individuals in Bangladesh.

Intelligence source further said, Hefazat-e-Islam leaders were trying to create anarchy throughout Bangladesh with the nefarious agenda of unseating the democratically elected government in the country. BNP’s convicted fugitive leader Tarique Rahman’s business partner and friend Giasuddin Al Mamun particularly was extremely active in providing fund and directives to Hefazat leaders.

Blitz has obtained a transcript of mobile phone conversation of a prison guard named Rezaul with a leader of Hefazat-e-Islam leader. Here is the details of the transcript:

Prison guard: Sharif bhai [brother Sharif], Assalamu Alaikum.

Hefazat leader: Walaikum Assalam, who?

Prison guard: I am Reazaul from Dhaka prison. Do you recognize me?

Hefazat leader: Yes, yes, [I] recognize [you].

Prison guard: Are you well?

Hefazat leader: Yes, Alhamdulillah [praise Allah].

Prison guard: Many new members of Hefazat have come here. Do you understand?

Hefazat leader: Yes.

Prison guard: You know Muniruzzaman, who is in jail.

Hefazat leader: Yes.

Prison guard: Just now I have spoken to him.

Hefazat leader: Help them, as much you can.

Prison guard: By the grace of Allah. Dua Dua [prayers. Prayers]. What they needed, clothes, food…

Hefazat leader: How many of them are there. Inform me. It is essential. I don’t receive phone calls [calls from regular mobile number]. Call me on WhatsApp.

Prison guard: Didn’t get [you].

Hefazat leader: My phone is being tracked [intercepted].

Prison guard: Do you have another number?

Hefazat leader: Okay, I have [another number]. Giving you other number. How can I give you the number? Its problem uttering the number.

Prison guard: Have to maintain contact with you. How can I do that? Many people [Hefazat men] are here. New people. I am keeping this number. Will contact you on this number from another phone.

Hefazat leader: Okay.

Prison guard: You give the number on Monir’s phone. I will collect it from him.

Hefazat leader: Okay. Okay.

Prison guard: Keep me in your prayers. I am searching Hefazat men, whoever are coming here. Taking care of them, by the grace of Allah.

Hefazat leader: Okay, alright.

The above transcript of phone conversation between Hefazat-e-Islam leader and prison guard proves, there possibly are plenty of similar pro-Hefazat prison staffs at Dhaka Central Jail as well as other jails in the country.

A source told Blitz government needs to take immediate measures in seizing those illegal mobile phones from the prisons. This can never be done through the prison authorities, as they have mostly “special relations” with the prisoners. Law enforcement agencies can send special team equipped with highly sophisticated metal detectors and scanners, which can only help in finding the hidden illegal mobile phone sets.

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