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Pro-terror Kevin Barrett takes on Blitz, exposes his support towards Hitler and Nazis


Pro-terror Kevin Barrett takes on Blitz, exposes his support towards Hitler and Nazis

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

For more than 18 years, ever since the publication of Blitz, this newspaper has faced a series of notorious attacks, mostly from the pals of jihadists, terrorists, and enemies of Christians, Jews, and Israel. In those years, we have witnessed how our newspaper was ruthlessly attacked by a conglomerate of crooks and criminals. Our office was bombed in July 2006 by the members of the anti-Ahmadiya fanatic group named Khatmey Nabuat Andolan (KNA). There also have been several attacks on me, including assassination bids. But, nothing could stop us from confronting radical Islam and jihad; denouncing anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial; promote interfaith harmony; and, defend the State of Israel. Now once again, an individual, who is believed to be enjoying patronization from Iran as well as other pro-jihadist forces has made a terrible attempt of putting a false label on this newspaper.

Counterterrorism experts around the world are aware of Dr. Kevin Barrett, who is one of American most infamous critic of the War on Terror. Recently he has written a lengthy article titled: BLITZED! In Which I Am Viciously Attacked by “An Irishman from Bangladesh, in the Vaterans Today news site. This news site claims to be “an independent alternative journal for the clandestine services focused on U.S. Foreign Policy and Military Issues”.

Dr. Barrett is the editor of this news site. He has gone mad at Blitz because of an article titledIranian conspiracy theories centering coronavirus’, written by our regular contributor Hugh Fitzgerald.

Terming Hugh Fitzgerald as an “Irishman from Bangladesh” Dr. Barrett wrote: “A certain “Hugh Fitzgerald,” writing for the Bangladesh-based Weekly Blitz, recently called me “semi-demented”—which I suppose is better than being completely demented, but still is not a very nice thing to say about someone you don’t even know. Mr. “Fitzgerald” also called me “a bizarre figure” and “cretinous.” He can’t wait for me to be “forced to shut up.” I gather he doesn’t like me very much”.

In the sixth paragraph, Dr. Barrett wrote: “But perhaps there are other reasons. The Blitz hit piece targets those of us who suspect coronavirus is a bio-war attack launched by elements of the US-NATO military-industrial complex on behalf of their Zionist bankster masters”.

For the information of Dr. Barrett, our newspaper does not run or depend on anyone and we do not have any so-called bankster masters to provide us financial help. We are an independent newspaper confronting radical Islam and jihad, denounce anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial, and defend the State of Israel. This has been our editorial policy since this newspaper started journey back in 2003. Because of our strict editorial policy against radical Islam and jihad, Blitz has emerged as the most influential newspaper and it is the lone anti-jihadist newspaper in the Muslim world.

In the subsequent paragraphs, Dr. Barrett wrote: “Did a bunch of Bengalis (or Bengali Irishmen) sitting around one day over cha and hilsa curry washed down with a pint o’ Guinness, suddenly get the bright idea: “Hey! What Bangladesh really needs is a newspaper whose mission is to denounce anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial! Let’s go for it!”

“If we scroll down to the “Our Team” list we see an odd ethnic mix of names. The first two editors, Choudhury and Ahmed, could be Bengali Muslims. But then we come to someone named “Judith Colp Rubin.” Another Bengali or two. Then a “Bloch,” a “Katz,” and finally, lo and behold, a name I recognize: “Daniel Pipes”: A notorious Jewish-Zionist extremist, war crimes promoter, and arch-Islamophobe.

“The list of contributors, too, features a few Muslim names interspersed with a great many Jewish ones, including Pipes. What is going on here is obvious: Rich Zionist-extremist Jews have rented an office in Bangladesh, hired a couple of local coolies to front for them, and established a fake-“interfaith” propaganda rag”.

For the information of Dr. Barrett, Dr. Daniel Pipes has nothing to do with the publication of Blitz and it is a very wild and outrageous assumption stating Blitz’s office was rented by Dr. Pipes. Through these sentences, Dr. Barrett has clearly committed a nefarious mistake, if not an intentional crime. Of course, we understand his greatest love for the Iranian mullahs and it is not my mere speculation but strong belief that Dr. Barrett and his publication are directly sponsored and funded by Iran.

Dr. Barrett has mocked at out editorial policy of denouncing anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial, which again proved his heavy inclination towards those anti-Semite forces and Hitler’s notorious Holocaust crimes. We can conclude saying Dr. Barrett is also a great supporter of Hitler and he also feels delighted at the Holocaust and murder of six million Jews in Nazi Germany.

The bizarre speculative allegations of Dr. Barrett on Blitz are though no surprise. We have feel continuously facing such offensives for the past 18 years, and, of course, all of those nasty attempts finally have fallen flat.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is an internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-jihadist journalist, counter-terrorism specialist and editor of Blitz

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