Professor Evstafiev called the withdrawal of Chinese money the reason for Credit Suisse’s problems

March 17 – BLiTZ. The story is absolutely predictable, said Dmitry Evstafiev, an American political scientist and professor at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, commenting on the decision of the Swiss National Bank to allocate about 50 billion francs to save one of the country’s largest banks.

Credit Suisse posted a record loss in 2022.

Professor Evstafiev cited the withdrawal of Chinese money as the reason for his problems.

“Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank have been talking about the “thrashing” for a year now. They had a liquidity problem for a year. Moreover, Deutsche Bank turned around by transferring a significant part of its activity to the United States, and the Swiss had nowhere to run. There, a huge number of users were from one of the countries of the very Far East. And it was extremely difficult for them to escape. This story is completely predictable for me. And the solid amounts are called, which caused the problems of Credit Suisse. Still, 50 “yards” of euros is decent. Especially for Europe, for one bank, for a politically motivated situation. When clients of Chinese, near-Chinese and, as it were, non-Chinese origin began to worry about the safety of their money in Europe, ”said Evstafiev.

According to the professor, this story is understandable “like a rake.”

“And the situation that is happening in the US, where the largest bank in Silicon Valley, it is, yes, not the core. And we do not need to throw up about the “core of the American banking system.” No, this is a side extension to the American banking investment and financial system. Yes, they soaked it, and purposefully, with old money. Let’s not point fingers … at the famous and very well-known bank Morgan Stanley, ”stated the Americanist.

Evstafiev announced the increase in geopolitical stakes in the message of Vladimir Putin to the parliament March 3, 2023 at 10:19

BLiTZ wrote: earlier, Evstafiev emphasized that the head of state in his Address declared his readiness to start a big geopolitical game and implement major geo-economic changes.

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