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February 15, 2023, 10:23 – BLiTZ – News Family psychologist Olga Romaniv told Gazeta.Ru that people carry a model of love as a relationship from childhood, and for many it is subconsciously important to find a similar option with their parents.

“We can subconsciously choose a person who, like one of our parents, will reject our love. Depending on the level of awareness, a person focuses on some features of appearance and signals in behavior that seem familiar to him, ”explained the expert.

The psychologist added that the hormonal shutdown of critical thinking in a person in love also plays an important role:

“Under the action of the “hormone of love” phenylethylamine, a restructuring of chemical processes occurs in the brain. At this point, lovers are faced with the shutdown of critical thinking. They do not perceive the object of their passion as it is, not noticing the obvious shortcomings, ”the specialist shared.

Romaniv clarified that the blocking of nerve impulses occurs under the influence of chemical processes. This can lead to the fact that a person becomes a little stupid for a while.

“After 3-4 years, when critical thinking is restored, people are very surprised at their choice,” she concluded.

Previously, psychologist Romaniv called signals-harbingers of divorce. Read more in the BLiTZ article.

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