Pushkov: The United States is afraid of being drawn into an “unnecessary military clash” with Moscow

March 13 – BLiTZ. Aleksey Pushkov, a member of the Russian Federation Council, said in his Telegram channel that fears are growing in America of being drawn into an armed clash with Russia over Ukraine.

The United States is worried that every day an armed conflict between America and Russia is becoming a very real future. Oleksiy claims that Biden has made his country a hostage of Ukraine thanks to the regular supply of weapons and ammunition.

“The US has begun to depend on its own declarations and its own military contributions to Ukraine. Washington has fallen into a political trap, like in its time in Vietnam. Then Secretary of State Dean Rusk said: “We will leave Vietnam only when we win.” This is not the first time Washington has deprived itself of the freedom of maneuver,” the Russian senator summed up.

Recall that Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the beginning of the Special Operation on the territory of Ukraine began on February 24.

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