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Putin’s fiancé gives birth to twin


Putin’s fiancé gives birth to twin

Anand Sharma

Russian President Vladimir Putin has always been denying having any relations with Alina Kabaeva. In 2013 he announced the end of his 30-year marriage with Lyudmila Shkrebneva with who he has two grown-up daughters, Mariya, 34, and Yekaterina, 32. British tabloid Daily Sun, citing media reports in Moscow said, President Putin’s fiancé Alina Kabaeva gave birth to twin boys this month.

The report further mentioned that the VIP fourth floor at the Kulakov Research Centre for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology was cleared earlier this month for the ex-gymnast. There has been no word from the Kremlin so far. A famous doctor from Italy was the key to helping the birth with the assistance of academician Gennady Sukhikh, director of the medical center.


The former 36-year-old gymnast, Kabaeva, is an Olympic gold medal winner and has been Putin’s partner for a long time, the report said. She was a Russian lawmaker until 2014 and is currently heading the TV and newspaper giant National Media Group. News outlets Life and REN TV are also controlled by Kabaeva.

The Kremlin never discusses the president’s private life and the state-run media in Russia obediently follows suit. But, Sergei Kanev, an investigative journalist close to the Russian intelligence services, reported that Kabaeva gave birth to twin boys by Caesarean.


Since Putin’s divorce in 2014 Kabaeva has appeared several times wearing what seems to be a wedding ring, sparking rumors she is secretly married to the Russian President.

The report on the birth of the boy twins first appeared in showbiz news website Dom2Life, owned by a judo-loving tycoon Alexander Karmanov, on 12th May, which also was Kabaeva’s 36th birthday.


Interestingly, Russian researchers say Karmanov is close to oligarch Arkady Rotenburg, one of Putin’s oldest friends, and his former judo sparring partner.

The report about her giving birth to twins follows a series of stories about Kabaeva – often pejorative – on obscure Russian-language websites in recent months.


One media analyst commented: “There seems to be a campaign against her but it is not clear who is behind this.

However, a fact-checking media watchdog claimed the recent Moscow birth was to another woman called Kabaeva – and not the gymnast.


In another report, one outlet Vista News claimed that Kabaeva in January flew to Switzerland “in a rush” with a three-year-old boy she allegedly shares with Putin.

This referred to unconfirmed reports in 2015 that she had given birth in a Swiss clinic.

Other reports frequently allege Kabaeva – like Putin – has undergone facelifts and other plastic surgery.

There are also claims she uses private jets and has a fleet of Maybach limousines at her disposal along with a large security retinue.


At Putin’s annual press conference last year a journalist from Life News – part of Kabaeva’s media empire – asked him: “When will you get married? And with whom?”

Putin smiled and replied: “As a decent person I will have to do this sooner or later.”

One journalist Dmitry Kolezev – noting Kabaeva’s link to Life – said: “So quite literally this was a question from Alina. Beautifully done.”

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