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Rackets making quick bucks by pretending as defenders of Dubai princess


Rackets making quick bucks by pretending as defenders of Dubai princess

David N Robison

Rumors are floating in the social media claiming bank account of Tiina Jauhianen, the women who have been fooling people around the world by making a false claim of being the only friend of Princess Latifa of Dubai and the exclusive campaigner in her defense. According to the rumors, authorities in Finland have breezed the bank account of Tiina in Finland and found over 2.5 million dollars in deposit. The law enforcing agencies in Finland has also reportedly found lots of expensive earrings, Cartier brand jewelry, most possibly in her bank lockers. These expensive items belonged to Princess Latifa; the social media rumors claim.

When asked, Finnish authorities declined to make any comment on the matter, while the central bank of Finland said, they were not aware of any such actions taken against any bank account holder in the country.

Authorities in Spain said they were already investigating Tiina’s property in that country.

When contacted, a source in the British intelligence said, in the recent years, a number of individuals are running various organizations, mostly unregistered using the name of Princess Latifa, Princess Shamsa or now Princess Haya and they are collecting hundreds and thousands of dollars from people as donation with the story of legal battle in favor of these members of Dubai royal family.

It said David Haigh, a gay and convicted fraud has been mainly running such rackets with the help of a number of individuals including his top aide Tiina Jauhianen.

David Haigh is a perfect scoundrel, who owns a hotel named Cova Lamorna in Cornwell, and according to his former personal secretary, this hotel’s financial transactions are extreme dubious as the income goes to David ultimately through a very tricky manner.

She further said David is hiding his income fearing he might be ultimately compelled by the UAE court to refund the amount he had earlier swindled from a business project named GFH.

On July 3, 2018, a Dubai court ordered David Haigh, a former deputy chief executive of GFH Capital, the investment banking arm of Bahrain’s GFH Financial Group, to pay out $6 million in damages and other costs to GFH Financial, after he was convicted of fraud and embezzlement in 2015.

DIFC Courts judge Sir Jeremy Cooke referred to the defendant David Haigh as a “fraudster” in his judgment. He granted GFH Capital’s claim in full, plus legal costs and exchange rate fees as the monies to be paid are in different currencies.

“The court, bearing in mind the seriousness of the allegations made, is satisfied on the evidence that the defendant is a fraudster who caused to be paid into his own bank accounts and that of his close friend, monies belonging to the claimant in the sums of £2,039,793.70, Dh8,735,340 and US$50,000,” the judgment said.

“Moreover, his conduct throughout these proceedings has been entirely consistent with that finding, in seeking to delay matters, in failing to give disclosure and in seeking to manipulate or play fast and loose with the court’s procedures,” it added.

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