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Radical Islamic and pro-Caliphate group goes into attack on Ahmadiyas in Bangladesh


Radical Islamic and pro-Caliphate group goes into attack on Ahmadiyas in Bangladesh

Vijaya Laxmi Tripura

Hundreds and thousands of youths belonging to Qawmi madrassas as well as radical Islamic parties and pro-Caliphate Hefazat e Islam went on series of attacks on the members of Ahmadiya community in Panchagarh district in Bangladesh. Most unfortunately, none of the media in Bangladesh has reported this incident till filing of this report.

This newspaper already has obtained video footages as well as other evidences in the February 12 attacks on the Ahmadiyas (See the video footage below).

The attackers chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ slogan set fire on the number of houses of Ahmadiya community members including the house of Moulana Bashiur Rahman. They also looted business establishments as well physically molested the girls and women.

According to eye witnesses, members of the law enforcing agencies did not take any steps in protecting Ahmadiya houses and business establishments from this notorious attack.

Earlier, executive editor of Qawmi madrassa mouthpiece named monthly Moinul, Sarwar Kamal circulated a statement on behalf of Hefazat e Islam kingpin Ahmad Shafi stating, “Deniers of Khatmey Nabuwat (last prophecy), feet-licking slave of the British, nefarious enemy of the Muslim ummah, Golam Mohammad Kadiani had denied acknowledging Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as the last prophet. He [Golam Mohammad Kadiani] proclaimed false prophethood with the agenda of deceiving Muslims, being a lapdog of the British. Golam Mohammad was the agent of those British imperialist traders who had ruled Indian subcontinent for 190 years, and had falsely proclaimed himself as the prophet and had participated in anti-Islam propaganda”.

Ahmad Shafi had also called upon Bangladesh government to “immediately declare Ahmadiyyas” as “non-Muslims” and has asked the government to stop the Ahmadiyya religious congregation in Panchagarh district [in Bangladesh].

He said, “Despite the fact of being non-Muslims, Qadiyanis are claiming themselves as Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat and has been booting the world’s prophet [prophet of Islam]. If such things are not stopped forthwith, Hefazat e Islam by joining ‘Khatmey Nabuwat Movement’ will go into massive anti-Ahmadiyya movement in Bangladesh. Ahmadiyyas should be declared non-Muslims and their naked exposition of audacity [against Islam] should be immediately stopped. Otherwise, any conspiracy will be foiled by the hundreds of millions of towheedi janata [masses of faith]”.

It was already reported in this newspaper that a number of top figures in Hefazat e Islam are directly connected with Al Qaeda and Islamic State (ISIS).

New Delhi-based the Eastern Herald in its report titled – ‘Pro-Caliphate Islamist Group Attacks Ahmadiyya: Law Enforcement Supports’,

quoting the attackers said, “The attackers told the Ahmadis “This is Muslim Bangladesh. You cannot continue any sort of un-Islamic activities in this country. Don’t force us to wage jihad against you.” When the members of Ahmadiyyas told the attackers, they were not engaged into any sort of un-Islamic activities. They are followers of Allah and Prophet Muhammad PBUH. In response, the Islamists mobs said “You people are infidels. Quran has clearly instructed us to kill Jews, Christians, and infidels like you people. You will be slaughtered like animals. Your girls and women will be raped and turned into slaves”.

According to the report, the attackers further said, “Soon, we are going to establish Khilafah [Caliphate] in this country. This is our holy war (Jihad) against the infidels. You along with your patrons and supporters will face dire consequences. We know very well, you people are British mercenaries”.

The Eastern Herald editor-in-chief receives threats:

Because of its editorial policy of confronting radical Islam and defending the religious minorities, including Ahmadiyas, the Eastern Herald editor-in-chief Muzaffar Ahmad Bajwa Noori has received threats from an unidentified caller. He said, “I got a call on Whatsapp from some unidentified private phone no. and threatened me that if I write anything in favor of Ahmadis then I’ll face consequences and will be assaulted. They said, “Don’t play with the fire.”

Save Ahmadiyas from this fresh persecution:

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina needs to look into this matter forthwith in order to protect the members of the Ahmadiya community in Bangladesh. The government should not spare those who were behind the February 12 attack on the Ahmadiya houses and business establishments in Panchagarh district.

Meanwhile, international community, rights groups and media need to immediately come forward in defence of the persecuted Ahmadiyas in Bangladesh.

Video footage of the attack:


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