Rajkot: The laborer who often goes on leave was beaten up by the owner


In the industrial area of ​​Rajkot city, the karkhana owner beat up his own man. The entire incident was captured in the CCTV camera installed in the factory. An industrial area is located near Rawki village in Rajkot district. In this area, the incident of beating up a laborer by the owner of a plastic factory has come to light.

The whole incident was captured in CCTV

According to the information, the owner of the factory, Dhirubhai Sakhia, assaulted Rahul Prajapati, the worker of his own factory. The entire incident of assault was captured in the CCTV camera installed in the plastic factory. It can be seen in this CCTV footage that an artisan was working in a plastic factory, at the same time the owner of that factory started abusing the artisan working in his own factory and started a heated argument with the artisan.

Angry owner thrashed the laborer

Significantly, after this the angry owner started slapping the craftsmen one by one. However, at the same time another person from the factory reached there and tried to pacify him regarding the whole matter. For that he tried to get away from the angry factory owner, but still the angry factory owner started slapping the artisan again, as if he was not ready to accept anything.

An employee was beaten up for something as trivial as leave

However, the man who intervened later tried to take the owner away from the artisan. However, this owner was so enraged that even after removing the mediator, he beat the worker with a stick. The reason for the fight came to light that the artisan was often on leave. Significantly, the factory owner is seen beating up his own worker on a small matter like going on leave.

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