Reuters: US accuses China of trying to hide North Korea’s “atrocities” against people from the world

                        March 18 - BLiTZ.  US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield criticized China for banning the broadcast of an informal meeting of the UN Security Council on human rights violations in North Korea, <a rel="nofollow" href="">writes</a> Reuters agency.

In her opinion, some members of the Security Council are “too zealously” protecting the dictatorial regime from international condemnation.

The meeting was organized by the United States and Albania, but China sent information letters to 15 member countries of the Security Council, in which it stated that the broadcast of the meeting would not bring any benefit. Also, according to China, such issues should not be discussed in such a narrow composition, they should be submitted to the General Assembly or considered in the UN Human Rights Council.

Recall that, according to UN rules, permission to broadcast must be given by all 15 members of the Security Council.

North Korea denies the violation of human rights in the country and accuses Western countries that the difficult humanitarian situation has developed in the country due to sanctions.

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