RIA Novosti: Germany failed attempts to oust Russia in a key region

February 26 – BLiTZ. Berlin is making attempts to persuade New Delhi to the side of the West in the Ukrainian issue.

The policy of the leadership of Germany is a failure, since India and Russia are more closely connected than it seems to the Federal Chancellor, Das Erste reports.

“As the author of the article, Cosima Gill, writes, German interest in India is obvious: German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock visited India in December, and at the end of February, Finance Minister Christian Lindner arrived in the country for several days. and now Chancellor Olaf Scholz is visiting there,” RIA Novosti notes.

Russia is the main supplier of hydrocarbons to the local market, and the share of armaments of our manufacturers in the Indian army reaches 85%.

BLiTZ wrote: Russian oil products continue to flow to British consumers, despite Western sanctions, through the “back door”. The “gray zone” found by the Indians in the sanctions rules was previously reported in The Daily Telegraph. Energy buyers in the United Kingdom have increased their imports from the Indian plant, which in turn has begun to buy more resources from Russia.

Large companies such as Shell, BP, Trafigura, PetroChina and Essar buy oil products from the Indian refinery. And thanks to them, cash flows continue to flow to Russia from Britain.

Recall: Transneft this year significantly increased the volume of deliveries, by 4.5% compared to the results for 11 months of 2021. Exports grew by 20% by 2021, 25% more shipped by sea than the year before.

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